November 27, 2016


Holy fuck I can't stop drinking. I've been consuming ridiculous amounts of alcohol the past few days. It's scaring me. I just need to stop consuming anything.

I've already decided I'm only eating one type of food per week. This week? Oranges =)

November 20, 2016


Got super wasted last night.

Couldn't sleep so looked up shit. Apparently antidepressants like prozac can cause alcoholism because of how they interact with the serotonin and dopamine receptors in the brain. But when I told my psych during our last meeting that I've felt the urge to drink more (I didn't mention I was drinking so much I could barely make rent), she was like "um k just don't do it". Fuck. Bitch.

I really don't want to eat ever again.

I finally got a pack of cigarettes again yesterday. Boy is not happy about it at all. Oh well.

November 13, 2016


I worked all day yesterday.

Somehow I've been eating like a fat pig and still losing weight. I blame my period.

I got in trouble for drinking at work Friday night. And Tuesday afternoon. Oops. I thought I was going to get fired, but then I remembered no one can replace me lmfao.

I really need to stop drinking. It's actually getting kind of scary.

November 06, 2016


I got absolutely wasted at a coworker's place last night. Oops. I really need to stop drinking. Like, really bad. the other night, I think it was Friday, I came home and just started sobbing and I'm not sure why but I just felt so fucking miserable.

I have a meeting with my psychiatrist tomorrow after a few of my lectures, so I guess I can bring up my concerns about my mood and stuff then? I dunno.

I'm just really fucking tired tbh