July 22, 2013


I am moving to a new blog! Mostly because this one is getting crowded. I'm at over 400 posts. Dear God. This one will still be here, just won't be updated. Thank you for staying with me for this long. <3 Or at all really. I do appreciate each and every one of my followers.

Btw, if I'm not following you, please comment and tell me so I can do so! <3


July 21, 2013

Picture Post 7/21/13

Comics come from Eating Disorder Comics Tumblr. Comment for the URL.

July 20, 2013


I have decided that I will be "uber-clean housewife" girlfriend. This would probably work better if the bf didn't play video games whenever he was home or lie to my friends and tell them the bruises on my arms are self-inflicted, but that's okay.

I have peppermint tea and alcohol and coffee and Fairytale tea and dish soap and cleaning products and far too much self-hatred to sit still, so I'll clean and the apartment will be spotless.


We're moving August 16. Wheeee.

The new apartment shall be even more spotless.

Food makes me feel ill so... no food.

Just coffee and tea and a little bit of alcohol if I start getting too uptight. Haha.


I can't wait until school starts back up. >_< I'm going mildly crazy.

July 18, 2013


I ate and now I feel terribly sick. Like, healthy food doesn't make me feel too terribly ill (apples, cucumber, bell pepper... you know, safe food), but junk food? Even a little makes me feel too nauseated to move. That's a good thing, right?

The bf went to work today and brought me home organic peppermint tea <3 he's so sweet.

And I'm covered in mosquito bites. It's driving me up the wall because one is right on my shoulder blade. Argh!

And I'm bruising super easily. Like I had a really bad nightmare yesterday and the bf had to hold me down so I wouldn't hurt him while he was trying to wake me up and there are two big bruises on my arm now. Yay... -_-

Too terrified to weigh myself at the moment... It's driving me up the wall.

On the super positive side, I can drink Monster again. <3 My pink lemonade rehab isn't too sweet for me anymore. YAY!!!


Thank you for the comments btw. I don't feel as bad about the Tumblr app on my phone now. >_>

July 16, 2013


Heehee thanks for the video game comments <3 it made me feel much better about my gaming ^_^

La la la the boyfriend is threatening me with a veggie burger today. I really don't want it though. I don't know why but food has completely lost its appeal. How could anyone ever want it? I thought it was the heat (summer), but then I realized our place is super air conditioned so I dunno now. =3 Oh well. I'm not complaining. ^_^

There's a giant kitkat and a bar of dark chocolate in the freezer right now. As well as ice cream. And there's white bread (not in the freezer). And curry tofu. And pasta. And white rice. And eggs. And all this other food that I don't want to think about.

But there's also coffee and absolutely delicious tea =) I'm okay.

July 13, 2013


Haha oh man... confidence has got to be the number 1 most sexy thing ever.

I'm currently reading a Feast for Crows (GoT book)

Ugh my bf left his phone here and it keeps going off. So annoying. -_- His ringtone is all preppy and it's like...ughhh.


The bf got me a new Spyro game yesterday. Wheee. <3

I think I'm developing a video game problem. >_<

Video games are good for you, right?


Picture Post 7/13/13