March 29, 2013


Ah God... I LOVE John Grisham! And it's awesome, because there's a coffee shop a few blocks from my apartment (we live RIGHT by downtown, but far away enough that we don't have to deal with the drunk bar kids) that's also a (fairly large) used book store. And they have a TON of John Grisham stuff. I'm like YAY!!! And they have a bunch of low/0-cal flavorings that they can put in tea/coffee/hot chocolate... it's such a nice place. ^_^



I was going to say things. But then I forgot.


The boyfriend and I got into another fight again. Yesterday. He was playing a video game and I was getting ready for class (my first class yesterday was at 1pm) and he suddenly just started getting really mad at me because apparently I was bothering him or something? I'm not even sure. He was ticked off that I was going to school and that my mom was making him take his GED (he's 21... dear God, he should have done that fucking AGES ago, and my mom is PAYING for it, so why is he complaining?) and that I never played video games with him anymore and all this shit. He ended up upsetting me so much that I missed my first class (because I was crying too much and there was no way I was going to class in tears) and probably completely fucked up on my political philosophy exam. Ugh.

I just wish I was more important than his video games SOMETIMES, you know? But then I feel greedy and bitchy for saying that.

I think I really need a friend who will just slap me and be like break up with him NOW. I'm scared to break up with him. I want to and I know it would be a good thing, but still. I don't know. I guess it's nice to not live alone? I'm still scared of the dark, so... >_<

Happy picture time?

Oooo off topic, but today I found out that my TA for philosophy (not political philosophy. I'm taking two philosophy courses - the other one is ethics) is a vegetarian! It made me happy because I felt so alone in the lecture hall this past week when we were discussing animal rights, it seemed like everyone else in the class thought animals should have no rights at all. It's nice to know that I'm not alone. ^_^ I just don't understand people who eat meat... I mean, they're cute animals, and factory farming is so horrible...eating fish is one thing (I think it's gross, but I haven't heard of fish abuse so... I'm guessing they're not abused?), but pigs and cows and stuff? I mean, pigs are really smart! Sigh. Anyway. Seriously. I'm done writing for now. Haha. Sorry for the rants. =/

March 27, 2013


I've been feeling absolutely terrible recently. Exhausted and anxious and pms-y. And I keep forgetting things. Just really simple stuff. I'll be about to open a new tab on my computer and then I'll forget what site I wanted to go on. Or I'll be reaching for my notebook and forget which class I'm in. Except, I don't think it's pms. I think it's just bitchiness. So I'm going to try to eat healthy.

I'll be posting my intake and other stuff on my Tumblr (YAY! CLICK ME!). I warn you, it's not very exciting.

I just started The Broker by John Grisham. I'm not sure if I like it yet, but that happens with a lot of his books, so we'll see. ^_^ I'm literally only a few pages in. XD

March 25, 2013


I forgot to check PostSecret yesterday. O_O I feel so disoriented now! Haha...

Also the boyfriend and I keep almost breaking up, but then we end up not doing it. I'm not sure why. I always just feel so horrible about suggesting he move out. You know?

Hmm... dunno what else to say.

There was a blizzard today. What the fuck. >_<

I like pictures?

Question - how do you all feel about this whole Google+ thing? I can't access some people's profiles (so I can find their blogs) because they have it and I don't... argh.

Currently reading The Devil Wears Prada. ^_^ Near the end. It's so girly, but for some reason I really like it...

March 23, 2013

Kill me now

Someone is parked right outside our apartment and they left their car running. Their car is blasting really loud music. Ugh. I don't think it's even good music, since it's definitely loud enough to tell if it is or not. I dunno why, but rude people really bug me... =/

We're still in the process of apartment hunting. The last apartment we looked at was yesterday. It was a little one bedroom place off main street. Great location, except for the goth bar half a block away. But close to campus and stuff, so that's nice. But the place was so small... our couch and bed would never fit in there! O_O And it smelled TERRIBLE. And the bathroom was all creepy and gross looking. The boyfriend was like... well, let's consider it and I'm like O_O. The guy renting it out seemed really nice though. And the girl who was living there was nice and seemed to like it and the rentor guy, so I guess it's not too bad? o_O


I'm sorry my life is so boring. T_T

I've been on Tumblr a lot recently. I have no idea why. XD It just makes me really happy for some reason.

March 21, 2013

Lost Boys

Still reading Lost Boys by Orson Scott Card. It's kind of hard to read because he's extremely Mormon and he seems to hate anyone who's not, and this comes out enough to be noticed in his writing. But then, the book is still pretty good, albeit extremely predictable. In fact... I'm not entirely sure of why I'm reading it. I guess that even though I know what will happen, I still want to know how it happens. XD

Also, my puppy's birthday was yesterday. ^_^

She's a year old now!

Oh and apparently our neighbors got so annoyed at us for asking them to keep their loud party down at 1am that they told the rental agency that we complain about them whenever they make any noise, including quiet conversation. So now our rental agency thinks we're... I dunno. It's annoying though. It's like... seriously? And the fact that the agency believed them and not us... Nothing against stoners, but these people are drunk and loud stoners. And 1am?? Seriously?? I mean it's one thing during the day, but when people are trying to sleep? Arghh... just really ticked off right now. I mean, we're not getting in trouble for it, but the agency is really small, only like 3 women work there I think and they recognize us whenever we walk in, so now they're being all bitchy towards us. Also, apparently Google Chrome thinks bitchy is a word, but stoners isn't. XD


Happy thoughts!

March 19, 2013

I like funny things

Like comments from awesome readers whose blogs I feel like I should comment on because they're so awesome.

And pictures.

And Imgur.

And good books.

Currently reading Lost Boys by Orson Scott Card.

Does it bother anyone else when people get psychiatrists and psychologists mixed up? It's bothering the hell out of me. >_<

Yay funny picture time!

Okay not funny but... maybe if you think about it enough it's funny?

I claim no credit for these images. Google them for more from these people. Because Calvin&Hobbes is pretty cool.

Oh did you know you can do a Google Images search by clicking and dragging a picture into the search bar (on Google Images) to get more similar results and find out the origins of the picture? Thought it was pretty cool. =D

March 18, 2013


We have internet!!!

Haha I feel so behind on the times... but... YAY I HAVE INTERNET IN MY OWN HOME NOW!


To celebrate... piles of pictures!

Oh and thank you for the comments. Even though they were of a slightly disgusting nature. o_O Haha... it's all good! God knows my blog gets kind of gross sometimes...

I know it's long... but this is definitely worth a readthrough.

March 14, 2013


I dunno XD I got my IPV xray done today and it was... ugh. The technicians (or whatever they're called) couldn't find a vein big enough to put the dye into my system so they had to go get a nurse or something from a different area of the hospital. It took fucking ages. >_< Ughh...

Also, I was dehydrated as shit because the instructions were to not drink anything after 10pm the day before, and not drink anything the day of (my appointment was at 8:30am, so that isn't that bad), but they also made me take a laxative. Speaking of which. Dear God people. Anyone who abuses laxatives is insane. Completely insane. I didn't abuse it and it was STILL hell. Er, is still. It still hasn't left my system completely (TMI I'm sorry T_T feel free to skip past all this I'm so sorry) and I took it yesterday afternoon.

So, PSA... Laxatives suck and you should avoid them, okay? XD

Oh and I wasn't allowed to eat anything after 2pm yesterday. Which is perfectly fine. I could drink whatever clear liquids I wanted until 10pm, so I had 2 big glasses of water, a cup of raspberry tea, and a sip of water with my birth control. And I had 2 carrots and a glass of water when I got home from the appointment today since I had to bike to/from class.

Speaking of class, in class right now, so have some pretty pictures? XD

Off topic, but the girl in front of me is using internet explorer. Oh my God... XD How cute. >_> She also has crazy big rolls of fat. But then, I do too, so I shouldn't be mean.

Oh and my stomach's growling. Hehehehehe okay maybe laxatives aren't so bad.

WAIT. NO! Laxatives are evil and should be avoided at all costs!

March 12, 2013

Needles O_O

Ugh yeah I looked up the diet pills. Apparently they don't actually do anything. Woot. XD

I got 100-cal single serving containers of soy yogurt. Yay! And a 2lb bag of carrots. I think I'm set for the next week/week and a half. Also, I have to fast for a few days of it because when I went to see the specialist yesterday, he wants me to get an IVP and an xray or ultrasound. Basically, a lot of scanning.