March 14, 2013


I dunno XD I got my IPV xray done today and it was... ugh. The technicians (or whatever they're called) couldn't find a vein big enough to put the dye into my system so they had to go get a nurse or something from a different area of the hospital. It took fucking ages. >_< Ughh...

Also, I was dehydrated as shit because the instructions were to not drink anything after 10pm the day before, and not drink anything the day of (my appointment was at 8:30am, so that isn't that bad), but they also made me take a laxative. Speaking of which. Dear God people. Anyone who abuses laxatives is insane. Completely insane. I didn't abuse it and it was STILL hell. Er, is still. It still hasn't left my system completely (TMI I'm sorry T_T feel free to skip past all this I'm so sorry) and I took it yesterday afternoon.

So, PSA... Laxatives suck and you should avoid them, okay? XD

Oh and I wasn't allowed to eat anything after 2pm yesterday. Which is perfectly fine. I could drink whatever clear liquids I wanted until 10pm, so I had 2 big glasses of water, a cup of raspberry tea, and a sip of water with my birth control. And I had 2 carrots and a glass of water when I got home from the appointment today since I had to bike to/from class.

Speaking of class, in class right now, so have some pretty pictures? XD

Off topic, but the girl in front of me is using internet explorer. Oh my God... XD How cute. >_> She also has crazy big rolls of fat. But then, I do too, so I shouldn't be mean.

Oh and my stomach's growling. Hehehehehe okay maybe laxatives aren't so bad.

WAIT. NO! Laxatives are evil and should be avoided at all costs!


  1. Sorry about the dumb technicians. At least they didn't give you an enema...THOSE are really really awkward >.> Hopefully the tests will reveal something though.

    Oh, and Internet Explorer? Sounds like my mom. I try to get her to use other browsers, but they "don't get the job done."

  2. I was in hospital recently and had to be given an enema
    The single most mortifying experience of my life
    And you're right though, laxatives are baaaaaad x


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