May 30, 2013


We went to Baltimore today to visit a retired judge. He's related to me (he's the brother of the father of my stepmom. So like... a stepgreat uncle? I dunno XD). I was with two law clerks and when we walked in he was all "omg I remember you when you were a little kid and we were dancing together at this one party!" and I'm like *die*. XD It was fun though. =3


I'm leaving for Latvia on Sunday... so yay?

I'm scared. There'll be like no way to keep my intake reasonable there. My grandma loves making people eat. If you claim stomach problems, she'll try to make you eat more because obviously your stomach is upset from not eating enough. Ughh. I love her to pieces but oh my god =3

Also I HATE my father. Legit the only reason I talk to him is because I love the family he married into. But I didn't think it was possible to hate him more. But no. It is. He convinced the people I love most here (and I'm guessing everyone else, but I don't know) that he raised me and my mom was the one who made him leave after he raised me. (Truth: he left before I was born because he was ticked off that my mom wouldn't get an abortion. he had no role in raising me) And apparently my stepgrandma is worried that a mole on my neck is cancerous. And instead of talking to me about it, she talks to him. And he's like "well she's been having some medical problems recently..." and I'm like shut the fuck up it's not her business or yours. The only reason he knows is because I emailed him asking for help with the medical bills because I didn't want my mom to deal with it. He's lucky. He never paid child support. -_-



Happy thoughts!


May 29, 2013

Picture Post 5/29/13


Ugh road trip tomorrow. Spending all day in a car with 2 guys (law clerks) going to visit a retired judge. Woooot. Okay, more like day trip. Haha. Hoping they won't flip out if I don't eat lunch or anything... They probably won't. Guys know girls are all weird about food, right? I'm obviously bringing money with me so like, if they want to stop I can get something and throw it out or something if it gets desperate... hoping it won't come to that though. =3

La la la.

Here's a picture of the house I'm staying in! I found it online but that's exactly what it looks like so....

It has 8 bedrooms, a pool, and tennis courts. =3 I luff it. It's amazingly peaceful here. Okay nevermind I've gone into that before. Freaky thing? You can see my bedroom window O_O Anywayy... XD

How is everyone else doing?


May 27, 2013

Picture Post 5/27/13


Oh my God. I'm enormous T_T

I went horseback riding for a few hours last night. It was fun! I hadn't been on a horse in a while and the guy who owned the horses (distant family member) let me ride a really excitable one. Ughh... It was fun though. <3 We rode for about an hour, stopped at a campsite where a couple was hanging out and chatted with them and stretched our legs and they ate bread (wtf?) and rode back. Ahaha the ride back was crazy! It was basically completely dark so I had to completely trust my horse to get me home safely. At one point we had to go up a really steep incline with branches all over and I had to lay forward and hold on to the horse's mane so I couldn't see anything (if it had been bright enough XD). Then as soon as we got out of that I fell off because my saddle had gotten pushed to the side by the horse's difficult way of getting up the path. Ah well. I didn't get hurt, which was really lucky since I fell into a thorn bush. XD


Yeah I dunno. Haha. My dad got here yesterday and ranted to me about how I'm a child and I need to lose half my weight or my mom will kill him (not literally, but that expression that people use a lot? You know what I'm talking about?). He's still enormous as ever. But apparently I'm the one with the weight problem. Haha. Aw I love my parents. >_<


Leaving for Latvia on Sunday morning. <3

Thank you for reading my blog. <3

May 25, 2013

Red hair + fatspo

(Fyi I don't do this! It was on PostSecret a while ago! XD)

My dad's coming up here either tonight or tomorrow. I feel fat. I keep seeing pictures of girls on Tumblr who are clearly overweight but who I would love to have sex with... ahaha it's a little confusing. XD They're not gross overweight. They're sexy overweight. If that makes sense? Probably doesn't help that they're dressed in bathing suits/lingerie. They're going around as those pictures of "healthy" girls that the dieting community is trying to encourage to oppose all the super thin "thinspiration" crap. =3

@Sam Lupin - haha the hearings are fascinating! Plus it lets me take a break from my work XD

Hmmm I took pictures of my dad's cat! She likes to hang out in the dishwasher cause she's a food whore. =3 And I took pictures of my outfit and my legs today. Ick I'm gross. XD

The shirt poofs out a bit XD I like it though. Like I had a cell phone in my front pocket and the shirt completely covered in - you couldn't even see the bump where it was! XD

The red's faded a little from my hair =3 this might be a good thing cause I don't want my grandma completely flipping out when I see her in like a week.

Oh yeah! I'm going to Latvia in a week and I'll be there until June 20 so... I'll be MIA probably. I'll miss you all! I'll probably post before I leave though. =) If I don't, just remember that I love you <3

Picture Post 5/25/13

May 23, 2013


So sleepy today... I've been crazy busy all week. Ah interning's great! I finished one of my projects today and got to sit in on some interesting hearings in court, so I'm happy. XD

I have a long 4-day weekend ahead of me. My dad said he'll probably come up. Wheee -_-

For some reason, saying "I'm not hungry" doesn't work here. What the fuck?
And today when I walked in, the secretary was all "if you're hungry, there are doughnuts downstairs for everyone!" and I'm like =3 kay. Lmao didn't touch them. Wasn't even tempted. Wasn't sad that I wasn't tempted. Law is wonderful for me. It just puts me into this super driven state where nothing can distract me. Absolutely nothing.