May 04, 2013

Texting buddy!

My boyfriend used to be like that. I should have been suspicious. He's horrid now. I mean, I know it's partially me, but still. He's not completely innocent. He doesn't have to make me cry all the time.

@Sam Lupin - D'aw I feel so special <3 Thank you so much for reading and commenting. I loved your comments ^_^ Oh my God. I just read your blog title 4 times before I realized where the quote was from. I feel so stupid... >_< XD I love Harry Potter!
Yes that is NPH. I adore him. <3
Latvia? It's a former Soviet republic. It's right on the Baltic sea. We go swimming there and it's gorgeous <3
Haha yeah I have a collar but my boyfriend randomly decided he doesn't want to be my awesome, dominant master so I'm like... -grumblegrumbleragethrowshiteverywhere- ahaha not really but I am a little sad. =3 He'll get back to it though XD

Stress makes eating seem so... horrible. I deal with stress by not eating. Which kind of makes me hate being happy because it makes me feel like I can eat. XD

I got a texting buddy from Tumblr today. It's freaky how similar we are o_O She's super interested in psychology too! o_O So... yeah I'm happy now ^_^ Btw if anyone wants to text me or anything (US only, sorry T_T), just email me! It's an email address only for this blog, so it's totally safe <3

I'm drinking a Monster Rehab (pink lemonade) right now. Just painted my nails dark blue. Oh isn't my life exciting?

My boyfriend went shopping today and brought back
-baby corn (he cooked it into a stir-fry though so...ick)
-cheesecake (wtf?)
-those ice pop things... they're liquid-filled stick things and you stick them in the freezer and they're like 25-50cals each depending on the company... you know what I'm talking about? o_O Ugh sorry
-almond milk
-bell peppers
-bunch of other stuff idk
-oh and Skittles. Ew ew ew I don't even want them even though I normally love Skittles. I don't understand but I'm not complaining.

He also got peppermint tea from his work. Oh my God.... <3 <3 <3 He works at a hippie cafe that sells loose leaf teas that are sooooo good. So now we have delicious peppermint tea <3

Liquid fasting the next few days (hopefully!)... no idea how I'm going to deal with lunch on Monday, but maybe I'll fake period cramps. ^_^ Hehe.

I'm almost done with The Street Lawyer by John Grisham. Absolutely fabulous book btw. <3

Sorry for jumping around so much. o_O I like Monster...


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  1. i had to read the pic a few times before i finally got it
    i may be a bit of an idiot
    if he makes you cry more than he makes you happy, it's definitely time to dump his little ass.
    ahahaha omg Harry Potter is just
    i think its obvious from my sign off name too. 'Sam Lupin'. the Sam part is from my actual first name (well partially).
    hottttttttttttttttttttttttt collars are sexy
    im not a stress eater. but im not a stress starver as well.
    hmm. i don't think you can call it starving if you only eat like 300-400 calories less than usual right
    fuck. psychology is boss.
    Skittles and i date back a long time. im fucking obsessed with them. omg. they're one of the things i love. next to Cadbury. and that is next to Reese's. (excuse my chocolate - right now, it is all i can physically eat without landing myself into digestive problems and i eat yes many calories of it.)
    period cramps don't stop me from eating fuck
    hmmmmmmmmm <3 TSL sounds good! im still trying to finish off Percy Jackson.
    ~Sam Lupin


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