May 25, 2013

Red hair + fatspo

(Fyi I don't do this! It was on PostSecret a while ago! XD)

My dad's coming up here either tonight or tomorrow. I feel fat. I keep seeing pictures of girls on Tumblr who are clearly overweight but who I would love to have sex with... ahaha it's a little confusing. XD They're not gross overweight. They're sexy overweight. If that makes sense? Probably doesn't help that they're dressed in bathing suits/lingerie. They're going around as those pictures of "healthy" girls that the dieting community is trying to encourage to oppose all the super thin "thinspiration" crap. =3

@Sam Lupin - haha the hearings are fascinating! Plus it lets me take a break from my work XD

Hmmm I took pictures of my dad's cat! She likes to hang out in the dishwasher cause she's a food whore. =3 And I took pictures of my outfit and my legs today. Ick I'm gross. XD

The shirt poofs out a bit XD I like it though. Like I had a cell phone in my front pocket and the shirt completely covered in - you couldn't even see the bump where it was! XD

The red's faded a little from my hair =3 this might be a good thing cause I don't want my grandma completely flipping out when I see her in like a week.

Oh yeah! I'm going to Latvia in a week and I'll be there until June 20 so... I'll be MIA probably. I'll miss you all! I'll probably post before I leave though. =) If I don't, just remember that I love you <3


  1. thats one thing to do when one is feeling insecure!
    im so so so into overweight girls.
    like chubby girls are hot to me.
    food whore cat omg thats me.
    what are your legs
    they're tinyyyyyyyyyy
    yes the shirt does poof out quite a bit xD i cannot tell your figure to be honest but your legs say too much
    yessssss the red is cute though.
    -Sam Lupin
    PS i love you too

  2. Ugh, why did I look at the 'fatspo' tag?! I literally spent 4+ hours yesterday drooling over chubby girls in lingerie and 'fatkinis' (I hadn't heard of that one before, it made me giggle!).
    I used to be (still am) madly in love with a girl who was slightly chubbier. I hadn't seen her for over a year, and when I last saw her she was all bones :( Like, cheekbones sticking out and I could feel her bones when I hugged her. She said she went through a phase where she was hungry, but she just couldn't eat, so she lost a lot of weight, but she was eating again now. So scary and sad.
    And I love poofy tops <3



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