May 02, 2013


I forgot how terribly easy it is to not eat.
Sadly I'm not feeling anything yet. Sigh. I had a cup of raspberry tea (tea bag, not one of those horrid flavored "tea" drinks they sell in stores) this morning. It was fabulous. <3 Also played Skyrim a bit since my exam isn't until 3:30 (it's 1:40 right now).

No idea when I'll break it. Probably tomorrow or Saturday. I have to have lunch with my mom at PF Chang's (wtf?) on Monday. Grrr. Thankfully she's used to me always getting a box to go home at restaurants  so it won't be weird if I don't finish my food/eat that much. ^_^

Isn't life just so much better when there's no food?

Or at least very little.

Ugh I'm sorry I'm not trying to support not eating and stuff... I really do think eating healthy is the best thing possible, but... it's just so easy to avoid it altogether.

The boy and his friend are going grocery shopping today so I asked him to pick up some green bananas (so I can break this with something healthy/semi-light and they'll have time to yellow) and my 45cal fruit leathers.

My puppy is laying on the bed and sighing dramatically XD

Two weeks until Maryland... oh God. =3 And one month until Latvia. Yay <3

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  1. easy it is not to eat?
    dear god you live on a different planet
    if i don't eat for 40 minutes i feel unhappy and miserable
    ok just don't weigh yourself after all that Chinese
    the water retention will make people feel like shit. especially me.
    <3 Latvia sounds sexy.
    -Sam Lupin


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