April 30, 2013

The Broker

by John Grisham is a fabulous book ^_^

My finals study aides -

Mean Bean Monster, Pink Lemonade Monster Rehab, and catnip tea (of course!)

^_^ I love Monster T_T

Hmm I have nothing to say. XD I had a terrible day but I already ranted about it on my Tumblr and I feel a hell of a lot better now so... no need to rant here. =3

Basically, I've decided I need to be more active in feminist/women's rights things, so I'm going to start doing that. ^_^ Why? Because I refuse to let anything break me. And I obviously do believe that women have rights. Equal rights. So... yeah. =3 I'm going to be skinny and perfect and help people. What could be better?

Leaving for Maryland on the 17th. Wheeee.

Worst diet advice ever... XD

April 29, 2013

Picture Post


Your comments all made me tear up... d'aw thank you... <3

Hm maybe I should do comment replies like a lot of other bloggers seem to do them o_O

@Skittles - I have no idea what you mean by "nazis are heroes" (no one in their right mind could agree with what Hitler did, could they?) but uh... o_O thanks for the comments I guess. I do agree that living completely apart from civilization would be fun. XD

@determined girl - Yeah it is interesting to read through old stuff and see what's changed... gets kinda depressing when you realize everything's stayed the same though XD And really, it wasn't that much trouble to read through your blog XD It was much better than studying for exams <3 ahaha

@Bella - That's one thing I love about animals... they're also so warm. ^_^ Thank you for the support <3

@Amy - It is gorgeous! My family lives mostly out in the country, so there's a lot of forest and open fields for horseback riding. ^_^ And thank you as well <3

Rageeee I had things I wanted to say but I forgot them T_T

There's a new Monster Rehab out! It's pink lemonade flavored <3 I love it ^_^

It's finals week so I'll be home a lot. YAY! But it's also finals week, which means finals... sigh.


I'm rereading the Uglies trilogy right now. =3 Very light reading, but it's nice when I'm all stressed out about finals.

Haven't weighed myself since last time I posted. Not sure I want to.

The boyfriend made a banana/almond milk/avocado smoothie this morning and made me take a sip because he thought there was something missing. It tasted so fatty (like... really high-fat? Does that make sense?) that it made me feel nauseated. =/

Thank you so much for the lovely comments <3 They really do make my day.

I hope you all have an absolutely fabulous day. <3

And if you get bored/need a distraction, I seriously recommend Imgur. It's a wonderful site <3 It always makes me feel better.

Some healthy food porn... <3

Ugh my stomach's making some very odd noises XD Ah well.
....That's a lot of fruit though o_O Looks like a whole week's supply of food o_O Or at least a few days... Or maybe one day if thats ALL you eat... but still o_O

Okay I really am done now! Haha sorry about that I'm a little spazzy >_>

April 27, 2013

Thank you for reading my blog and caring. It means a lot to me. It really does.

Hm. So I'm definitely breaking up with my boyfriend at the end of the summer. Why end? Because I'm a horrible bitch who uses people. I'm leaving for most of the summer and he's free dog-sitting >_<
I'm just so tired of him making me feel so terrible about everything.

My weight is embarassingly high. Like. Really high. It's 59.9kg.

I feel like I had things to say but I completely forgot them. XD

I've been reading blogs like crazy and they make me feel so happy. <3

I suck at commenting though. =/ I'm sorry.


My life is really boring isn't it. XD

Hopefully things will get mildly better when I get to Maryland. My dad has an adorable kitty. Which means a) adorable kitty and b) I'll be drugged up on allergy meds. Ahaha XD Okay not actually drugged up but you know >_<

April 25, 2013

Le Cafe - Oldelaf

Duuuuuude the coffee theme song. Watch ittttt. It's really funny and it's in French, but I would imagine it would be funny even if you didn't understand the French.

Best recent comment... "What's in his coffee??"

Ahahhaha..... XD

I'm amused. =3

Sorry for posting so much today.

Picture Post

This one is really hard to read. Haha. It says "This postcard is a tribute for all of us who fell back in love with our ex's... only to get hurt all over again."


You can smoke catnip? o_O Dear God everyone's going to turn into a cat soon haha XD

One of my friends in Maryland invited me to his party. Did I already mention this? How my dad probably won't let me go because he thinks I'm 10 years old instead of 19? >_< I really wanna go though. Sigh.

I've been sleeping a lot and my heart's been feeling a little weird recently. But I can definitely feel the pain from the surgery lessening. <3 Yay!

The boyfriend got me almond milk (90cals/cup) and these all natural fruit leather things. So...yay.

And the neighbors are ridiculously loud. Ugh. -_-


How is everyone?

Any plans for the summer?

April 22, 2013

Proper post?

Except not really.

Oh did I mention we didn't have any internet this weekend? But the tech guy came this morning while I was in surgery and fixed it.

And now I'm drinking caffeine-free (herbal) raspberry tea. And on this tea note.

I have AWESOME tea.

A local shop sells Catnip! And it can be made into a tea! You just make it the same way you would make any loose-leaf tea. It's super relaxing and calming. ^_^
Ahaha I was blocking out the name of the city I live in... though now I realize that there's a phone number right there... ah well. >_<

So yeah I have catnip tea. ^_^ Hehe. I really want to expand my tea collection. I only have Fairytale (a local cafe apparently made this as a custom-blend tea? The owners gave me some for free! It's a loose-leaf as well), catnip, green tea, and raspberry tea. Sigh. Very tragic.

Ah well. XD

<3 Life is quite fabulous when you have tea.


I had my surgery today. Well, cystoscopy. Which was in the surgery outpatient part of the hospital. So I guess it counts? Except there were apparently fucking complications with it, so I had to go back to the ER in the afternoon because I was in a ridiculous amount of pain and I couldn't pee, which was obviously a problem since I had been instructed to drink a lot of water to help my body heal after the cystoscopy.


They drugged me up though. Ahaha. Well they gave me one injection of some pain medication. Er... I dunno what it was. But it made me super dizzy and they didn't let me walk home by myself. Thankfully my boyfriend was getting off work right as I was getting discharged so he came and walked me home. He offered to call me a cab (I don't have any cab numbers) and pay for that, but I was like IT'S A GORGEOUS DAY AND THEY DRUGGED ME I'M HAPPY. So I burned a few calories. Haven't eaten today either. XD Just drank a shit load of water. And got that all drained out. So... whee?

Apparently my piss is supposed to be orange for the next few days because of the medication they gave me though. Hehehehe.

I'm really happy right now.

Nice doctors and nurses are awesome. ^_^

How are you all? <3

And uh... thanks for the anonymous comments? You're a strange one, anon. I thought anons were always mean. XD And what abortion thing are you talking about? I'm totally in support of abortion being legalized... uh... I dunno... Sorry my peceptions a little off right now.

Sorry for any typos btw. I'm a little wheeee. XD

April 17, 2013

Pic + funny link post

I'm going to be okay.

Thank you, PostSecret. And Bella, as always. <3
And some funny things I found on my own recently ^_^

Okay maybe not funny. Sigh.

I'm supposed to babysit on Friday. They're twins. 5 years old. I met them and they seem really sweet and calm and not all terrible and loud and insane like most kids. That's good I guess. I've never really babysat without super specific instructions though (back when I was way younger), so I have no idea what to do. o_O Advice?
At least the parents pay really well. ^_^ XD And the family is a friend of my mom's (they know me too) so... yay?

Oh and sorry about the rant earlier today... I was having a weird morning.


I won't do it again!

I'm a horrible person

Whenever I see someone in a military uniform, I get this feeling of fear and a need to hide.
The guy who took my virginity was in the military.
He said it only hurt because I was so big.
No one saw the bruises he left because it was after my trip to Europe (mom's graduation present to me) and my mom was still on the other side of the world and my stepdad was doing some awareness thing or something and we've always basically ignored each other when it's just us two.

I feel like a horrible person because everyone tells me that everyone in the military is a hero.

I wish I wasn't such a bad person.

I'm sorry for this rant.

Please feel free to ignore it.

April 15, 2013


I got my classes scheduled.

Eek please don't stalk me! I probably should have blocked out the locations of my classes. =3
Ugh I didn't mean to leave a "lunch time" open... XD It's okay though. I can either go to the rec, creepily walk around campus (there's a cemetery in the middle of campus o_O), or play on my computer for that 50 minute break. ^_^
It's 17 credit hours and I plan to get a PT job so... I should be pretty busy next semester. ^_^

Ugh I'm gonna miss my puppy so much while I'm gone. T_T I hope my boyfriend remembers to feed her and give her water and treats. T_T

A PostSecret?

Nothing against Christians... 


I wrote an essay on abortion (and how I think it should be legalized, but obviously for good reasons, not just "oh I'm not going to use protection because I can always get an abortion la la la") and emailed it to my mom (I always email her essays I need printed out since I don't have to pay for it that way. I'm a cheap college student T_T). I didn't think she would read it but she did. o_O She told me she loved the way I presented my argument and she completely agrees. Ahhh it made me so happy! I was worried she would completely disagree with me. =)


I hope you have a fabulous day. <3

April 12, 2013

Happy happy happy wheeeeeeeeeeee

We just found our apartment for next year and signed the lease! We're moving in mid-August (they need time to clean it, which is really good because the current resident has an adorable kitty, and I'm allergic to cats) so... yay!!! It's soooo cute! It's an upstairs apartment, but the entrance is this little room (actually, decent-size considering it's a one-bedroom apartment and it has no apparent function) where we could put our bikes/shoes/outdoor shit. All carpeted. The room is only for us (meaning our neighbors can't get into it, since the lock to our apartment is on that door) and then there's a flight of stairs (we have downstairs neighbors) and a little hallway. From the hallway, there's a good-sized bathroom, a really big kitchen, a living room area, and a small bedroom (with a giant-ass closet o_O). And there's so many cabinets and storage space... oh my God. It's all carpeted and it's really cute and cozy. Rent is $425 + utilities. Squeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Haha and my boyfriend and I are terrible, terrible people. We bike everywhere, right? And this one car was following us (not creepily) and there was a red light which another car was stopped at. The car behind us went around us and pulled up behind the car. And we just biked past, ignoring the red light, and laughed about how lame that guy was. Dunno. Maybe you had to be there.

Squeeeee we're moving into a super cute apartment! It's an upstairs one, so we won't have loud neighbors above us. Haha I know I already mentioned this, but I'm just so excited. We may end up switching the bedroom/living area because our bed is so big, but that's fine. ^_^


Haha I love Fridays. I dunno why. I have like two weeks left until finals. -_-; Then summer break! Ahhh so excited. La la la.

Life is fabulous, non?

Hehehehe XD

Oh and I'm in wait-list positin #1 for the psych class I need to take next semester, so there's a super good chance I'll get it. So...yay!

April 11, 2013

Pictures + Comment Replies (Cause I'm a comment whore... thank you for feeding my addiction!)

My puppy's a mixed breed. We're not entirely sure what she has in her... she definitely has some lab and some kind of hunting dog, though not very much of that. She's about 27lbs of pure adorable hyperness. ^_^ She just turned one year old a month ago! ^_^ And she beat parvo when she was about 7 months old. Aahh I love my baby. <3


Except first this adorable site! I take no credit for ANY of this.


Oh God... I think I exaggerated the fight! He's really not that bad of a guy! And I mean... well... uh... not sure how to say this, cause it's really tmi... =/ but we do that a lot in sex. Or just for really intense kisses and stuff. It's actually quite erotic during sex! The choking thing I mean. And it's always been perfectly safe (and usually at my request XD), so he's not being abusive or anything. I'm sorry to give you guys the wrong impression!

We were walking out of the library yesterday and talking about how we're so superior to meat eaters and this fat lady was glaring at us as she was throwing away a McDonald's bag XD Haha it cracked us up.

I'm semi-fasting again today. Water and this mate drink the boyfriend brought me (he works at a hippie cafe in town and they like to give him pastries and organic canned drinks - like sodas and teas, and I get free tea whenever I go there to hang out and wait for him to get off work. The owners are so sweet!). It's 56cals a serving, 2 servings per can, so if I end today on 112cals, I think that'll be good =)

Ooo and we're looking at apartments today! We were going to sign our lease earlier this week, but the rental agency people were all like... no we don't rent out places that the client hasn't seen yet, so they set up an appointment for us to see the two apartments we're considering tomorrow. Yayy! One's a one-bedroom that's bigger than our place and SUPER fucking close (we can see it from our little patch of grass haha), which would make moving really easy. The other one is a two-bedroom on a semi-major street (it's a fairly small town though, so that doesn't mean much... the street doesn't get too much traffic, so it'll be fine!). They're both pet-friendly and the two-bedroom includes free water/sewer, while the one-bedroom would require us to pay all utilities. Anywayyy... hopefully that goes well!

And I'm leaving for Riga June 3-19. Well, I guess I'll BE there on those dates, not just leaving. XD Then I'm spending another month or so in Maryland doing internships and stuff. Pretty excited! My dad is thinking about flying me to Maryland on May 17, but it might be earlier depending on when I can get up to the airport.

La la la.

How are you all? <3

Hehe derpy comic time?

Oooo and a puppy! She was sleeping in my lap yesterday, so I had to take a picture!

And the best drink of all time.... coffee! For some reason this picture got like, instantly reblogged when I posted it on Tumblr yesterday o_O Weird.
Hope you all have a lovely day! <3 You deserve it.