April 25, 2013


You can smoke catnip? o_O Dear God everyone's going to turn into a cat soon haha XD

One of my friends in Maryland invited me to his party. Did I already mention this? How my dad probably won't let me go because he thinks I'm 10 years old instead of 19? >_< I really wanna go though. Sigh.

I've been sleeping a lot and my heart's been feeling a little weird recently. But I can definitely feel the pain from the surgery lessening. <3 Yay!

The boyfriend got me almond milk (90cals/cup) and these all natural fruit leather things. So...yay.

And the neighbors are ridiculously loud. Ugh. -_-


How is everyone?

Any plans for the summer?


  1. I'm glad you're healing from the surgery very well! Perhaps talk to your doctor about your weird heart?

  2. Lol, well I don't smoke it all the time! I've bought herbal smoking mixes in the past that have Catnip in them :P At the moment I'm smoking a Damiana one.
    Yay for healthy yummy foods! I love berry fruit leathers.
    Glad to hear you're healing up well. I hope you can go to the party, I'm sure you can talk your dad around!

  3. I hate loud neighbors. Having or renting a house is way better. Having a small camper and driving somewhere to stay is ever better. Living up in the scandanvian or eastern europe forets is even better. loud neighbors make me fight. be careful and don't fight them, they might win.


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