April 11, 2013


Oh God... I think I exaggerated the fight! He's really not that bad of a guy! And I mean... well... uh... not sure how to say this, cause it's really tmi... =/ but we do that a lot in sex. Or just for really intense kisses and stuff. It's actually quite erotic during sex! The choking thing I mean. And it's always been perfectly safe (and usually at my request XD), so he's not being abusive or anything. I'm sorry to give you guys the wrong impression!

We were walking out of the library yesterday and talking about how we're so superior to meat eaters and this fat lady was glaring at us as she was throwing away a McDonald's bag XD Haha it cracked us up.

I'm semi-fasting again today. Water and this mate drink the boyfriend brought me (he works at a hippie cafe in town and they like to give him pastries and organic canned drinks - like sodas and teas, and I get free tea whenever I go there to hang out and wait for him to get off work. The owners are so sweet!). It's 56cals a serving, 2 servings per can, so if I end today on 112cals, I think that'll be good =)

Ooo and we're looking at apartments today! We were going to sign our lease earlier this week, but the rental agency people were all like... no we don't rent out places that the client hasn't seen yet, so they set up an appointment for us to see the two apartments we're considering tomorrow. Yayy! One's a one-bedroom that's bigger than our place and SUPER fucking close (we can see it from our little patch of grass haha), which would make moving really easy. The other one is a two-bedroom on a semi-major street (it's a fairly small town though, so that doesn't mean much... the street doesn't get too much traffic, so it'll be fine!). They're both pet-friendly and the two-bedroom includes free water/sewer, while the one-bedroom would require us to pay all utilities. Anywayyy... hopefully that goes well!

And I'm leaving for Riga June 3-19. Well, I guess I'll BE there on those dates, not just leaving. XD Then I'm spending another month or so in Maryland doing internships and stuff. Pretty excited! My dad is thinking about flying me to Maryland on May 17, but it might be earlier depending on when I can get up to the airport.

La la la.

How are you all? <3

Hehe derpy comic time?

Oooo and a puppy! She was sleeping in my lap yesterday, so I had to take a picture!

And the best drink of all time.... coffee! For some reason this picture got like, instantly reblogged when I posted it on Tumblr yesterday o_O Weird.
Hope you all have a lovely day! <3 You deserve it.


  1. Oh! Misunderstanding, haha XD Sorry, was just trying to make sure you're safe <3
    And whatagorgeouspuppy! So cute.

  2. Oh my gosh, my heart just melted at the sight of your puppy! What breed is she?


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