April 30, 2013

The Broker

by John Grisham is a fabulous book ^_^

My finals study aides -

Mean Bean Monster, Pink Lemonade Monster Rehab, and catnip tea (of course!)

^_^ I love Monster T_T

Hmm I have nothing to say. XD I had a terrible day but I already ranted about it on my Tumblr and I feel a hell of a lot better now so... no need to rant here. =3

Basically, I've decided I need to be more active in feminist/women's rights things, so I'm going to start doing that. ^_^ Why? Because I refuse to let anything break me. And I obviously do believe that women have rights. Equal rights. So... yeah. =3 I'm going to be skinny and perfect and help people. What could be better?

Leaving for Maryland on the 17th. Wheeee.

Worst diet advice ever... XD

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