April 11, 2013

Pictures + Comment Replies (Cause I'm a comment whore... thank you for feeding my addiction!)

My puppy's a mixed breed. We're not entirely sure what she has in her... she definitely has some lab and some kind of hunting dog, though not very much of that. She's about 27lbs of pure adorable hyperness. ^_^ She just turned one year old a month ago! ^_^ And she beat parvo when she was about 7 months old. Aahh I love my baby. <3


Except first this adorable site! I take no credit for ANY of this.

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  1. That gay pride picture always gets me. *sniff* And that sounds a bit like my dog...she's like a yellow lab and we think grey hound mix...but anything with lab in them are the best dogs to have. That and retrievors


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