April 04, 2013

I'm so sorry!

Posting twice in one day... D=

I skipped all my classes today because I felt absolutely terrible. I have no idea why.

But your comment made me super happy, Bella. ^_^ Thank you! <3

I've been sipping at the vodka all day, so I'm a little happy. But I'm REALLY happy that now I can make coffee! Sadly, the boy is at the library and he wants me to ride up there (it's a less than 10 minute bike ride from our apartment) and drop off some stuff that's due today. Sigh. So I probably should save the coffee for after that. And I have my super early classes tomorrow. I have to be at school by 8:30. T_T

Ah well.

Only like.. 3 more weeks left. Then exams. Then a summer of internships and Latvia and... um.. I dunno what else. o_O


I take no credit for any of these. PostSecret is awesome. ^_^

Haha the boyfriend got me some chips (wtf?) before he left for work. I fed them to the dog. T_T I hope they don't make her sick. They're cheese flavored (even more wtf?) and she loves cheese so hopefully she'll be okay?


  1. Aww thank you for following my blog! I definitely blog more in my current one than in the old one ;)I love post secret. And since you said you were sipping on the Vodka all day (my fav drink by the way) I have to tell you about the best stuff in the whole world that I just discovered last week! Skinny Girl Cocktails. I LOVE really sweet drinks and this stuff....is just amazing. I literally almost finished off the entire thing myself...not sure that's a good thing ;) hahah Anyways, glad to be following you again! Take care :)

  2. Skip away. Everyone deserves a break. And posting twice is the bomb! That means I can comment twice and not seem all stalkerish!
    And I'm sure you had news about the internship and Latvia for a while now, but congrats nonetheless!Also, and more importantly, congrats on making coffee! Coffee is manna from the gods we get the privilege to drink, embrace, make digestive system love to and be in a longer relationship than any marriage. Huzzah for coffee!


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