April 24, 2012


New blog - YAY NEW BLOG! Click me?

Thank you, Anonymous. XD

I've started watching Black Butler. I can't stop giggling. Though that may be from getting about 5 hours of sleep total in the past 2 days...

Click me to make everything okay!

I'm in a really good mood today. Threw up salad and cheetos today. Haha. Which was all I ate. Drinking my second Rockstar. For some reason I'm really shaky... but it's okay! I'm also in a damn good mood!

Posted this on my other blog, but I thought I should put it here too!

I'll still post a few random pictures on this blog, but now all the food/thinspo stuff will go to the other one. =) Hopefully that makes my readers hate me a little less. T_T

Ummmm... I dunno what to talk about. I've been b/p-ing like crazy. Given up on school. All I want to do is b/p. And talk about how much I hate myself. Haha.



And yes I have been reading your blogs, but you lovely ladies need to update more! Grrrrrrrr.........

PostSecret is getting lame. =/ Or maybe it's just me..

Ahaha... God what am I on...

At least I know one person reads this! Oh wait... maybe they just scrolled down to the end and saw I didn't have any comments... er... awkward. ;-_-

I'm going home this weekend... I hope my arm heals by then. =/

I love you.


(Current song - Bonamana by Super Junior)

April 18, 2012


Reading it makes me want to stop throwing up all the time...weird... o_O or maybe not?

Ugh I'm sick T_T it sucks

And no, I decided there's actually a high (enough) chance that I'll come back to MU that I don't want to cancel this stuff.

I feel like all I do is post pictures. I haven't weighed myself in ages and I've been bingeing like a fiend. Throwing up? Yes, but not enough. 126.2 today. After drinking a bottle of vitamin water zero. What the fuck. I was expecting 130 something. I guess that's good? I dunno. I hate being fat.

....Looking at this post makes me realize I should start another blog for pictures... haha. I think I'll do that. =)

Ooo yay something to do! -_-

La dee da.

Hey. =)

Bulletproof Messenger and Kamelot are awesome bands. =)

Sorry for not commenting recently... I'll be way better about that! I promise! <3

April 12, 2012

Picture post

Why? Because I can. Organization -

Random cool/funny stuff I found.


Amusing (potentially triggering in an ED related way, not meant to be though) link

And so, we commence.

Amount of sugar per drink. Holy shit... T_T (Water = 0)
Notice their shoes =) Possible trigger, I apologize, I was just happy that things like this exist...
Nintendo Collection, for my nerdier readers <3
Commence: Thinspo

And the link...

Just Say No To Bread

Sorry for not posting really. I have two (minimum of) 10 page papers to write. I have 1 page done. Out of twenty. Fuck my life.

I know, it's my fault. They're due at the end of the semester and one of them my teacher just started mentioning last week and the other one the teacher is like "uh yeah you'll have this paper due eventually... I'll tell you more about it later..." yeah that's helpful. -_-


I love you. <3 Yes. You. Right there. The one sitting there reading this crap and putting up with it. YOU. No not the person next to you. YOU DAMNIT. I LOVE YOU.


April 11, 2012

A Message To Women From A Man: You Are Not “Crazy” | The Current Conscience

A Message To Women From A Man: You Are Not “Crazy” | The Current Conscience

I know, it's long, you're tired and you've had a long day and you're like, fuck this reading shit. Though probably with less swearing.

But do read it. The word choices make it easy to read despite its length and I think the message is wonderful, especially for us who have trouble talking about problems. I know this is a big problem for me so I thought some others in our little community might appreciate this article as well.

I love you. <3

April 10, 2012

Homesick as fuck.

I hate when people talk about how much they hate spending time with their extended family (grandparents, cousins, etc.) who live down the street/in the next city. Just shut up. You're lucky. I have to get a special pass to get into the city where my grandmother and ONLY cousin live, and that's after 14 hours on a plane. So really. Just shut the fuck up. Okay?

April 02, 2012



Probably water weight considering I didn't eat yesterday but still. Fuck.

5pm ish right now. Okay, 5:20 actually. Haven't eaten all day and really don't want to. The idea of eating is kinda making me nervous.

Who is this mysterious Fixi who commented my blog...? o_O You don't seem like the usual audience for a blog like this, but your comments are still appreciated. =)

Er...I feel like I should have something to talk about but I really don't. Going all disconnected still. Haha. The world's not really real. It's okay though. I like it this way. =)

Forgot to mention. I've been drinking those Starbucks light frappes recently. Except I can't actually drink a whole bottle even though it's 100cals. So I end up having about 1/3 of a bottle a day and feeling like a wasteful bitch.

Haha. Oh well. Vitamin water zero ftw?

Btw can I be her?


Okay... T_T

Lacuna Coil? <3

See if you can spot the girl in the picture... XD

Loved one album they did... then they stopped singing in Latin and I was like, well shit... T_T

Saw this on PostSecret <3 Loved it!

I'm in a really black/white/rainbows mood. Did that make sense? Haha probably not.

Being fat sucks...

Oh well I'll be thin. <3 Promise!

I love you.