April 24, 2012


New blog - YAY NEW BLOG! Click me?

Thank you, Anonymous. XD

I've started watching Black Butler. I can't stop giggling. Though that may be from getting about 5 hours of sleep total in the past 2 days...

Click me to make everything okay!

I'm in a really good mood today. Threw up salad and cheetos today. Haha. Which was all I ate. Drinking my second Rockstar. For some reason I'm really shaky... but it's okay! I'm also in a damn good mood!

Posted this on my other blog, but I thought I should put it here too!

I'll still post a few random pictures on this blog, but now all the food/thinspo stuff will go to the other one. =) Hopefully that makes my readers hate me a little less. T_T

Ummmm... I dunno what to talk about. I've been b/p-ing like crazy. Given up on school. All I want to do is b/p. And talk about how much I hate myself. Haha.



And yes I have been reading your blogs, but you lovely ladies need to update more! Grrrrrrrr.........

PostSecret is getting lame. =/ Or maybe it's just me..

Ahaha... God what am I on...

At least I know one person reads this! Oh wait... maybe they just scrolled down to the end and saw I didn't have any comments... er... awkward. ;-_-

I'm going home this weekend... I hope my arm heals by then. =/

I love you.


(Current song - Bonamana by Super Junior)

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  1. Nope I read it all. By the way, whatever your on can I have some?


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