January 31, 2013

Talk about awkward... my mom's boyfriend liked my link (of a cat demanding to be petted - snatched from Imgur (best site EVER btw... I seriously recommend it as a distraction/mood-lifter... do get an account!))... I dunno... just weird... I mean, he's very nice and a genius (literally!) and all but still.... he's my mom's boyfriend. o_O

Oh and I'm worried as hell because all morning my puppy was all like, low-energy and barely eating anything. She ate a few pieces of chip (I know, unhealthy, blah) and a piece of bell pepper. She didn't even look at the cheese-bone treat I put for her in her food bowl. She didn't even move much until I was just leaving and I had the inner door opened (our front door is one of those two door things with an outer screen door) and then she jumped off the bed where she was laying/sleeping and stretched and was like, dude I wanna come with!

She just got vaccinated on Tuesday and with her parvo and all... I don't know. She's my little baby. T_T The vet said she'd be fine, even though she did have parvo, she would just be low-energy for a day or two (or three, he was a bit vague). So I guess it's just the vaccines doing their shit?


Still worried as hell.

Ugh sorry about the rant.

Eating's been terrible and I have to go to the doctor on Tuesday (yay getting weighed) so I'm like nonononono. The boy has a friend coming over for dinner tomorrow. The friend is living with a bunch of his friends in an apartment a few blocks away and they have a smaller food budget than we do, so the boy is teaching him how to cook yummy, cheap food. I asked him to get alcohol for the occasion. I need a good distraction. >_<

It's cold/windy as fuck today. Mostly windy.

Oh and I'm fat. Surprised? I'm not.

How are you all? How's the weather?

January 29, 2013

So today initially sucked, but... it's def getting better!

Yeah I'm feeling in a dumb mood so I'm going to use abbreviations and talk like a junior high school kid. Sigh.

So I walk into my first class of the day and the previous class's (meaning the last class that was using this room) powerpoint was still up. The title of the slide? "Ejaculation"

Dear God.

Oh and my little problem... the one I need medication for? Yeah I'm feeling a lot better. =D

Have to skip my political philosophy class to take my little baby to the vet today... =3 She getting vaccinated, poor girl.

Hmm no news.

I'm at a horrible fat (55.4). Ugh.

I'm sorry.

But then, I always have to weigh myself after drinking a glass of water (pill needs to be taken with water, food is purely optional though).... sigh.

January 28, 2013

So I have my appointment with the lawyer today.... My God I'm going to legally whip their asses so hard, S&M style sex will seem vanilla.




It's true.

No one fucks with my dog.

No one.

Mmm not much else to say. I have history and philosophy today. Wheee?

My last class gets out at 11:20 and the appointment is at 1:30. I could go home but... I don't wanna. >_< Its supposed to be raining today and I didn't bring an umbrella cause I'm dumb.


How are you all?

January 24, 2013

Shit. My rental agency decided to pms like no other and say that we have to get rid of our dog. Thankfully, they are doing this completely against the rules in the lease and shit, so I'm gonna lawyer them. =D This lawyering will be very easy since my school has a legal service for students where if you have any legal problems, you can just go to the school's lawyers and be all  fix this nao! and they will. I've heard that they're actually quite good at what they do so... yeah that rental agency better not mess with my dog again. >_<

Oh and I'm getting fatter. I think. Pretty sure. Yeah.

Ugh I hate this.

Oh and proof of how fat I am. I'll let you all see my shame. Maybe if I'm embarrassed enough, I'll lose weight.

My size 2's (AE, so vanity sizing...) fit kinda tightly. Ugh... =(

Some thinspo as an apology?

January 22, 2013


My puppy is spoiled rotten. Swear to God. I keep getting her dog treats. >_<

Just got out of my psych class. I got a 25/25 on my first paper. Yay! Really happy right now. I feel like it's a good omen that I got a 100% on my first paper of the semester and that it was in my class for my major... you know?

Hmmm no news. It's cold as shit today and it's been snowing all day so... yay? Maybe? I dunno.

January 14, 2013


On my stupid period.

I hate my life.

Whine whine whine.

Does anyone even read this stupid shit anymore?

My medication is not helping me at fucking all.

January 12, 2013

300th post


I feel like death. I already skipped like half my classes (at least) and there's only been one week of classes.

My doctor gave me medication that's supposed to help me with my problem but I took the first one today and it's not doing shit.

I hate my life.

Sorry for being so whiny and bitchy and shit.

I just want to stop peeing constantly. It's getting worse. T_T

I'm scared it's related to the fact that I used to purge a lot.

But then, I know there are people who have done it more and I didn't hear about them having anything like this happen...

Anyone have any experience with this?

Anything? Please?

January 09, 2013

So I got my first textbook today. It's the third day of classes. Lmao I think I ordered my textbooks too late. XD Not worried though.

I am worried about the fact that the textbook (in very secure packaging - not worried about the books getting damaged!) was on the floor of the mail room in my building. Okay, I guess the mailman thought "Oh I'll put it here because there's nowhere else to put it!" which is true but... I dunno. I'm scared someone's gonna steal my textbooks you know? =/

Am I too paranoid?

January 07, 2013


This morning. After two big glasses of water. I'll take this as a good sign. =)

Classes started today. I only had two. Er...yeah I won't rant about them because I already did that enough in my last post.

I was home by noon. =D

Oh and my dad got me a new xbox360. So we're selling our old one. Yay!

And the boy, trying to be sweet, got me one of those giant-ass kitkats. T_T

It's just sitting in my laptop case right now. I don't know what to do with it. T_T Save it for later and eat it as my one meal a day? I dunno.

I've only consumed like 300-400cals total the past few days. And a bit of water. Woot...



I want everything to be all sparkly and new and pretty.

I think it will be. =)

I'm feeling quite optimistic today!

Oh and Merry Christmas!

Today is the Russian Christmas. ^_^

January 05, 2013


I think I may have fucked up. Bad.

What am I doing with this guy?

I'm not happy. He uses me.

The other night, neither of us could sleep (no idea why) and I was exhausted out of my mind. Still couldn't sleep though. It sucked. Then he was randomly horny and he kinda tried having sex with me. He did actually. Even though I told him it hurt. He finished and just left me curled up on the bed, too tired to do anything.

And sadly, he seems to have that attitude towards everything lately.

I just want it to end.

No, not like suicide end. Like, break-up end.

But our lease expires July 29. And somehow we have to stay together, at least be civil to each other, until then. I can't afford to pay for that place by myself. I don't have a job. And yes, my parents are paying for it right now, but I can't ask them to keep doing that, though God knows my dad has more than enough to do that. It's just, my parents taught me better.

So now I'm fucked.

I have no idea what I'm supposed to do.

Classes start Monday.


My schedule?


-History 151
-Philosophy 102

-Sociology 101
-Psychology 303
-Philosophy 224

History 151
-Philosophy 102

-Sociology 101
-Psychology 303
-Philosophy 224

-Philosophy 102
-History 151