January 31, 2013

Talk about awkward... my mom's boyfriend liked my link (of a cat demanding to be petted - snatched from Imgur (best site EVER btw... I seriously recommend it as a distraction/mood-lifter... do get an account!))... I dunno... just weird... I mean, he's very nice and a genius (literally!) and all but still.... he's my mom's boyfriend. o_O

Oh and I'm worried as hell because all morning my puppy was all like, low-energy and barely eating anything. She ate a few pieces of chip (I know, unhealthy, blah) and a piece of bell pepper. She didn't even look at the cheese-bone treat I put for her in her food bowl. She didn't even move much until I was just leaving and I had the inner door opened (our front door is one of those two door things with an outer screen door) and then she jumped off the bed where she was laying/sleeping and stretched and was like, dude I wanna come with!

She just got vaccinated on Tuesday and with her parvo and all... I don't know. She's my little baby. T_T The vet said she'd be fine, even though she did have parvo, she would just be low-energy for a day or two (or three, he was a bit vague). So I guess it's just the vaccines doing their shit?


Still worried as hell.

Ugh sorry about the rant.

Eating's been terrible and I have to go to the doctor on Tuesday (yay getting weighed) so I'm like nonononono. The boy has a friend coming over for dinner tomorrow. The friend is living with a bunch of his friends in an apartment a few blocks away and they have a smaller food budget than we do, so the boy is teaching him how to cook yummy, cheap food. I asked him to get alcohol for the occasion. I need a good distraction. >_<

It's cold/windy as fuck today. Mostly windy.

Oh and I'm fat. Surprised? I'm not.

How are you all? How's the weather?

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