February 04, 2013

Please don't talk to me

Or do.

Fuck I don't know.

The boy.

He's cheating on me.

Or rather, I believe he might be... I'd certainly define it as cheating.

Would it be all right to lay the facts out here so you guys (are there any readers?) can decide? In case I'm over reacting?


I was going through his texts (shut up... I had a semi-good reason for it. I wanted to see if my best friend had texted (he had) because I know the boy will "forget" to tell me when he does. Also, I was kinda curious as to who he was texting so intently last night while we were playing Magic. In my defense, he has always said that he would have no secrets from me and he DID leave his phone with me to use. If he really wanted to hide this stuff, it's not exactly hard to delete texts)


Things from the conversation that I found
Oh right! The conversation. It was with this girl he met online (doesn't know in person at all). Supposedly she's a lesbian who just broke up with her wife so she's sad? No proof, won't judge.

-She was talking about how she was all confused and stuff and he asked if she had romantic feelings for him. And how strongly she felt about him. Yes, he used the word romantic.

-He asked to see a picture of her. She has red hair and she looks skinny. Dunno, wasn't a full body pic. (This one could be excused, especially if it was just by itself, since you know.. they've never met)

-He was all like *poofs into a rose, with pretty petals on the wind that brush your face* or something to that effect. There were petals and roses and gentle wind. I don't know. It was weird but... too romantic for my comfort, you know?

-And finally he said *steals a kiss* to her.

She seemed to be shunning all his efforts but still...

Is this cheating?

I know it's not like he's doing it in person, but... I mean... I don't know. Who knows what he does when he's out?

I'm sorry I'm just... I don't know. I don't want to think.

Thinspo to make this post worth something?


  1. Something similar happened with my boy recently... he was blatantly sexting though.. I confronted him about it, to see what he'd do, and he immediately promised that he would never do it again, and pointed out that it had been months ago and it was a girl online that he'd never meet, he gave me her facebook page, and the password to his, and on my request sent a message to her on facebook saying that he was now in a closed relationship with his gf (me), so I'm still with him. I would be careful about trusting him though.

  2. JAYSUS!!! *steals a kiss* REALLY

    no, it's not real cheating, and I dont' think a break-up-able offense. BUT I wouldn't be able to contain snarky comments like "you DO know I can read your phone right?" and I'd DEFINITELY say *steals a kiss* sometime soon. But act like you don't care, and try NOT to care for reals. Like, you can't let this shit eat you alive and being naggy and jealous is SUCH a love killer. Seriously.


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