February 19, 2013


It's snowing again today and I get to bike home in that... not sure if that's a good thing or not. I bet I'll burn more calories this way though. =)

My puppy has an anxiety disorder apparently. She's normally hyper/spazzy as fuck, but whenever she's wearing the little jacket/sweater I got her, she's so chill... still adorable and happy and all but much more manageable and she seems happier with it too.

Nothing much to say... might be breaking up with the boyfriend but that seems to be normal these days, you know?

Thanks for the comment about my grades, btw... You're definitely right. I'm not entirely happy with B's, but I think an A is a perfect fine grade, especially since this university is odd and doesn't do A+/-, etc. Just letters.

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  1. My dog is needy (and senile) and feels the need to always be petted so we had to put this certain on her to calm her down a bit. It's supposed to give them the illusion they're being cuddled. Perhaps invest in one to calm her down more?


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