February 14, 2013

Thinspo Post

Ugh I fell off my bike today on the way to school. Right onto one of the two busiest streets in the city. =/ This girl was jogging (skinny bitch T_T) and I guess she was listening to music or something, so she didn't hear me coming up behind her. She was also swerving a lot. Not like, drunkenly, just like she was too involved in her running to stay in a straight line (also, that street/sidewalk does not run straight at all). So it was really hard to pass her and I was like fuck it I'll go on the road. Yeah... didn't work. When I tried to get back on the sidewalk, by bike was just like fuck this. Ugh so now I'm all cut up and in pain. Sadface.

But hey, better than getting a ride to school, right? =)

Apparently the boy has some wonderful Valentine's Day dinner/dessert/romantic shit thing planned for tonight. I'm scared. =/ I don't want to eat I'm already far too fat.

Oh and my birth control (pill) is making me nauseated like, every fucking morning (I take it at 10pm - shouldn't it NOT be making me nauseated by now?). Ugh. Rage.

Rage rage rage.

I'm posting a picture of my hair. =)

Excuse the completely crap quality and piles of fat. The dark blue is really dark (almost blueish-black) and the rest of my hair is dark reddish brown. =)

And some thinspo...

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