February 05, 2013

Well I'm still with him. No idea why. He's been ignoring me and he's more romantic with random people he's never met than me. Whatever. I probably deserve it. We had a horrible fight yesterday. He said he thought he was in love with her. But then he deleted her number and texts and everything. He still wants her more though. He's going to dye my hair so I look more like her. It's kind of fucked up. You know?

Went to my doctor this morning. Apparently I have some condition where if it's not treated, it could like, permanently fuck me up. Apparently the treatment for it is birth control pills. Oh yay... -_- Like I need more things making me gain weight. Especially since my doctor said I needed to lose weight. (Yes, I KNOW that, bitch. Thanks for reminding me of how FAT I am.)

I'm sitting in class right now and the prof is lecturing about "master statuses" and statuses in general. Kinda hurts. I used to think Masters were kind and loving and... not hurtful I guess. Sigh.

Sorry for being whiny and bitchy.

Perhaps I'm pms-ing.

Perhaps it's just because I'm fat.

I think I'm leaving this blog.

I'm becoming too self centered.

So... goodbye I guess. Sorry.

Maybe I'll make another blog.

Probably not though.

I don't think I'm a good blogger.

Last comment - go on Imgur. Seriously. Best site ever.


  1. No, don't delete your blog D: I like reading your posts.

    But seriously leave that guy. Why are you with him if he doesn't love you? Your wasting your time on a guy that doesn't deserve your attention. Dump him and look for someone else. The right one will come along.

  2. I suck as a commenter. You don't suck as a blogger. It's okay to be whiny and bitchy...that's what blogs are for..though I don't think you're being whiny. It's a rough time. It'll pass.


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