November 30, 2012


The boy brought me fresh coffee from a cafe a few blocks away as a peace offering (no idea what he did wrong but whatever... never question coffee offerings!) today... it was really sweet! The gesture, I mean. The coffee itself was strong and bitter and delicious. =) No sugar/creamer, just how I like it. ^_^

November 29, 2012


Still on my fucking period. Pretty sure this is the last day though.

We took the puppy on a long-ass walk today. She pulled at her leash the entire time. Then she came home, drank all the water in the house (kidding... just a lot from her water bowl), and fell asleep. So cute. =D

November 28, 2012


Sigh. Back to wearing my collar in public and getting weird looks. Or maybe that's just from how fat I am... who knows?

I hate that so many people call me thin and say I'm losing weight when I'm obviously fat and I'm too scared to step on my scale.

I just wish things made sense, you know?

I only agreed to let him "retrain" me under the condition that he did not touch my food intake and stuff. Some loud fat bitch is being super annoying in the middle of the library... UGH.

D'aw some random girl just walked by and complimented me on my laptop case... haha made my day. ^_^

....Sorry I'm all over the place. Coffee coffee coffee!

November 27, 2012

A perfect pet

So apparently I've been slacking off since we moved and now I need to be "retrained". Which means reading a fucking essay he wrote on being a perfect pet. ...ugh. Oh well. Not like I have anything better to do, right?

Hehehe I've been checking out so many books from the library. =) I love it here!

November 26, 2012


I live here. In order to get online. Oh isn't my life...eventful? XD

On my period so not weighing myself. My mom keeps bringing us food. Like, cookies and bagels and cream cheese and apples and pie. o_O Oh and this super yummy caramel truffle coffee.... ooo so good!

November 23, 2012


I hope your Thanksgivings were better than mine. Or that you were one of those lucky people who doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving.

Mine was... blah. I spent the whole day fighting with the fiance except for when we went over to my mom's for dinner. So, the whole day except for about 2-3 hours was spent fighting with him. Oh and he cut his hair. He had super long (for a guy) curls and now it's like.. a buzz cut. T_T So sad. But it'll make it easier for him to get a job. So...yay?

Le sigh.


November 20, 2012


So we've moved into our new place in Ohio. It's actually pretty nice. A little small, but big enough for us. And the bathroom... ahaha weird thing to be obsessed with, I know. But the hot water supply seems ENDLESS and it's like, way bigger than you would expect considering the size of the rest of the place. It's (the place, not the bathroom) also super warm and the carpet is super soft and we met one of our neighbors and she has a cute little puppy. =) So yeah... I think everything's going to be okay.

Can't wait to start school!

Blogging from the library right now. Oh and we live right next to the downtown so the library is like 10-15 minutes away. =D

November 14, 2012


Thank you for the comments! I always calculate a cup of black coffee to be 2cals. (...shit by that standard, my 50cals/pot estimate was way off... lmao it's closer to 15) Oh well. Better to overestimate than underestimate!

Dear God that's a lot of cream though. O_O Oh each their own I suppose.

So we're either moving this Friday or next. My dad said he's coming up on Thursday and we're all leaving on Friday. He forgot to mention the dates. >_<

November 13, 2012


After drinking a pot of coffee.
Speaking of coffee. This one blog I read... this girl posts her daily intake. She usually has half a cup of coffee a day. She puts it down as 32cals. How is this possible??? Or is coffee just way higher in calories than I thought?


Intake for today: (uncertainty is overestimated to be safe)
Pot of coffee - 50cals
Piece of gum - 5cals
4 Oreos - 280cals
Total so far: 335cals

Hopefully no more food today. =D Though maybe some peppermint tea... yum!

Oh and my fat self... This is what happens if you eat Oreos, so don't be like me. XD

And some thinspo... yay?

November 12, 2012


Thank you for the comments! <3 <3 You guys made my day! ^_^ Which is actually pretty difficult, since I had a quite fun day hanging out at our friend's place cuddling their 2 month old puppy and playing various super fun/chill video games. =D

November 10, 2012


My mommy paid this month's rent, the security deposit, and the pet fee and we can move in on the 16th! I'm so excited!