November 04, 2012


No pretty collar comments? T_T


Okay so I'm thinking thin AND healthy. Obviously. In case you haven't noticed. XD Meaning... sure restrict calories to like 500 a day and shit. But it better be 500 healthy calories, not just 2 packs of Skittles or whatever, however tempting that may be (wait... That's actually a really good idea! 2 packs - each containing 5 colors. Divide them up so you're eating 1 color every hour! Then, to downsize your calories, get a big bag of those mini packs of Skittles (where there are like 10 in the whole pack) and just eat 2 of those a day... wait... I might actually have to consider this... o_O That and coffee... DUDE I'D BE SO HYPER AND I WOULD GET EVERYTHING DONE HOLY SHIT THAT'S A FUCKING AWESOME IDEA)

...Well hey it's not like anyone reads this anyway so. XD


Okay that looks too oily.. but it would be yummy if you took all the oil out! And the tomatoes..

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  1. A skittle diet. That would be interesting.
    Sorry I don't comment a lot, but I am reading all your posts.
    Take care darling.


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