November 03, 2012

10,000 sugars please

I adore this man. =)

Some douche called my collar a dog collar today. Ugh... whatever. It's way prettier than any dog collar. =D

I'm in a surprisingly good mood considering how fat I am. XD

Picture time?

Ohhh intake for today. Its gross.
-more green tea than any person should ever drink
-almost 1 cucumber (my dog demands that all our food be shared with her and she adores cucumbers) with a little hot sauce
-2 apples (80cals each)
-a snickers (wtf wtf wtf)

Not the best day. =/

I carried a 35lb bag of dog food though! The boy left it in the kitchen and I carried it down the hall where we keep her dog food. I felt all empowered. XD I had to lift it up to pour the food into the container we put her food into. XD

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