November 06, 2012


I adore this game. Somehow I've only lost once. I started playing (slowly) this summer. I now have a kick-ass goblin flinging/cat producing/Mob Boss infiltrated/life-gain deck. If you know what that means, I think you're my best friend. =D Ahaha... anyway. If you ever get a chance to try this game - I seriously recommend it. I know, it's nerdy beyond all belief. But it's so fun!


Eating has been shit. There are plans for this. Worry not. =D Just have to get the boy to stop thinking he needs to eat EVERY FUCKING MEAL with me. God what the fuck...

Oh and my mom found an apartment for us that's $340 a month. And my dad is being a douchebag to her. What else is new?

La la la.

Inspirational picture time?

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  1. You've found a flat? That's amazing, I'm so happy for you.
    Take care darling.


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