April 21, 2011

New desktop background

I know, I know, it has nothing to do with this blog...But I really love the game!

April 17, 2011

Aww ^_^

Just another ordinary girl...aw thank you <3 I love you too! And no...I haven't heard of that story o.O

Skittles - by "pure Russian" I just mean my family hasn't really mixed with non-Russians much. You know how everyone in America is like Irish/English/French/Polish/German/bunch-of-other-nationalities? My family doesn't have that mix. That's all I meant ^_^

Wow...56 followers ^_^ I feel so loved

And because the world likes screwing with my mind...
In a previous post, I mentioned thinking that I might like girls... well, this seems pretty certain now...I kind of (maybe, totally, in denial) like this girl in one of my classes and uh...yeah -_- I've also realized I don't really like guys (what the HELL? What am I smoking?? I thought these just had nicotine... T_T)
So here's the mindfuck part... One of my best friends just told me he's in love with me. I mean, I knew he loved me as a friend (don't worry, it's mutual!), but uh... >.> yeah. Sigh. He knows what's going on with the girl I like and stuff, and he knows how I feel about guys right now. I really hope he finds someone who actually likes him. Or I go back to liking guys like a good Christian girl.

On the food front...sigh. (Yeah these definitely have something besides nicotine...) I've been throwing up a ton. It's so effortless and it makes me feel so much better.

Oh and I said I'd post my weight...Ugh. Wet hair, dressed, this morning - 60.0kg. Woot I'm a fatass.

Nyeh. It'll get better. Everything will get better. <3

(Just because I don't comment doesn't mean I don't read your blog...Just saying. I promise I do read every word all you lovely ladies write!)

April 13, 2011

Aww I love you guys

No idea what the fuck my weight is, I'm sorry. But you girls are amazing ^_^ Thank you so much for the lovely comments <3

Skittles...yeah I didn't even think of that >.< I mean, I'm about as pure Russian as you can get, but I was still technically born in Asia XD (barely...right across the border haha)

Jenn - they don't have it for the Kindle T_T But maybe they will soon =D I've saved it just in case!

Recently I've been reading the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. The books are really funny! ^_^ There was one scene in the 3rd book where the main character (a wizard who wears a long, black leather coat) and his friend (who was wearing a big white cape and carrying an enormous sword) burst into a hospital and demand where the nursery is. It really cracked me up ^_^

Guess I'm just saying hi right now...I promise I'll be better about blogging and I'll post my weight next time <3

Starve on, my dears

April 11, 2011


Fuck my life, kay?

First of all, I'd like to apologize for being such a fucking fatass. This will change.

Second of all, I would like to apologize for being a horrible blogger. This will also change.

And because I like reading stuff with pretty pictures, this post will have pretty pictures! Or at least pictures... =3

Thank you SO MUCH for your comments <3 You ladies make me feel alive in the most wonderful way possible.

I went to New York over spring break (last week). I think I like girls...sigh. I'm horribly inexperienced, but I kissed this girl today and...shit it was amazing. Way better than any guy, and I thought I've kissed guys who were amazing kissers.  Nyeh maybe it's just a phase, like this whole throwing up thing is just a phase?

Anyway...picture post! Warning: a LOT of pictures up ahead!

Let's start from the beginning...

I got bored making dinner/salad the other day...this is the result.

few leaves of lettuce
1 red bell pepper, halved
8 baby carrots
one thingy of broccoli
one apple cut up into 10 pieces

^_^ Yeah I got a little carried away >.< Haha I didn't even eat it... Nyeh I was too full from uh...I'm not sure...water? XD

This is the stuffed animal I sleep with. His name is Togo!

This is me T_T Yeah yeah I'm hideous...moving on!

The award I got at a foreign language competition March 31st! I got first place in French! ^_^

The bottom part of the trophy we got as a team for getting first place...

My new purse! ($33, Forever21)

My ballet flats <3

Looking out over a cafe/bagel place in NYC from the second floor...I don't know why I took this pic...I was just bored...Excuse my fat legs... If you don't believe they're that fat, a later picture will prove it!

My dad's kitty ^_^ Her name's Twinkle and she LOVES to eat.

Views from my hotel window...24th floor! Nyahh I'm scared of heights!

Me..in all my fatness... at Rockefeller Plaza by the Latvia flag (I'm like...1% Latvian XD But the Russian flag was too hard to get to and we were actually on a hunt for NintendoWorld... Yeah sorry it's sideways =3

The Pikachu you see when you enter NintendoWorld!

My new babies in my purse...Pikachu and Mew <3

Just thought the bag they gave me was cool <3

A harpist in Central Park ^_^ I gave her $5 so hopefully she doesn't mind me posting such an obscure pic of her...

More Central Park pics!

A REALLY hard to find bronze turtle! It was (kinda slightly) referenced (well...the building it's next to was...) in the Dark Tower series and it's in TURTLE BAY which is where the ROSE is! Erm...yeah if you read the Dark Tower, you'll get that >.> If not, just move along ^_^

Yep we went to the UN... haha. Oh funny story! There was this really Asian looking chick with her two daughters there while I was taking this next picture and my dad and I were like...kay whatever ooo pretty pic time. And then she started speaking fluent Russian to her kids and we were like... O.o

Another sideways pic...This was in Times Square at night I believe. I was just traumatized by the fact that they had an enormous FarmVille sign T_T

I got a Nintendo DS on Monday! This isn't my baby, but mine looks exactly like this...

And I got a few games for it!

Ah they're so fun! I've been promised Pokemon games by the boy so YES I will get some! Haha.

<3 Over all, it was a fun trip. I managed to survive on...

Starbucks soy lattes

Diet Dr Pepper

^_^ And a few bites of food when my dad got suspicious, but it could have been worse! 

Except then I ate yesterday -_-

But that is being fixed. God knows I threw up enough last night! Ugh my throat's been hurting all day T_T

Love you all <3