August 28, 2016


So. Classes started. One of my coworkers is in my evening class with me. Yay.

My cunt-y coworker who was scheduled to close Friday randomly left around 8pm (we close at 10) and was like "btw you're closing for me". And I'm like... what? Like she didn't even ask. It pissed me off so much.

So I thought I should be healthy and have a wide variety of foods. So... now I'm stuck with baby carrots with mustard and tuna (half a small can at a time) with a tiny bit of sriracha. Because nothing else seems safe. Not like I have time for much else anyway.

August 21, 2016


I worked 10 hours yesterday (5 of which I was alone in the kitchen... fuck) on one apple and one almond milk. 190 calories total, assuming the apple was 100, which it probably wasn't.

I feel fine.


Classes start tomorrow. This doesn't feel real.

August 14, 2016


@Bella - thanks I'll look into that stuff =)

I haven't really been sleeping much recently. I'll fall asleep and then wake up because I hear a small noise (like, my ferrets getting comfortable or eating, or a car driving by. It's ridiculous), or because I had a really bad nightmare. Or because I remember something stressful (like that my neighbors are shit, or that I'm fat, or that classes start in a week).

My boyfriend just bought a bunch of junk food. What the fuck.

Except he keeps stealing my fucking baby carrots and mustard.

Fuck fuck fuck.

I still have apples and almond milk though <3

And I won't really have much time to eat during the semester between classes and work. Haha. Yes.

August 07, 2016


Classes start soon. The 22nd. No idea how I'm going to balance work and school. This will be the first time I'm supporting myself financially with absolutely no help from my parents. I'm scared.

@Bella - thanks for the comment, but I don't think doing it online is a viable option for me. Pretty sure the shipping would cost more than it's worth, if that makes sense? Also I get lots of fresh fruit/veggies, so can't really do it like once a month or whatever, it would have to be fairly frequently.

Ugh my boyfriend is in the kitchen eating all my safe foods. Loudly.

Why in fuck.

not me