August 07, 2016


Classes start soon. The 22nd. No idea how I'm going to balance work and school. This will be the first time I'm supporting myself financially with absolutely no help from my parents. I'm scared.

@Bella - thanks for the comment, but I don't think doing it online is a viable option for me. Pretty sure the shipping would cost more than it's worth, if that makes sense? Also I get lots of fresh fruit/veggies, so can't really do it like once a month or whatever, it would have to be fairly frequently.

Ugh my boyfriend is in the kitchen eating all my safe foods. Loudly.

Why in fuck.

not me

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  1. I'm not sure about over there, but I pay around $4-$10AUD for delivery, plus there are delivery deals you can sign up for to get as many free deliveries as you want for 3 months etc.. There's also 'click & collect' which is usually free, where they do the shopping for you and pack it into bags and you just go in for a minute to pick it up, which might be less stressful than doing the actual shopping yourself.



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