June 29, 2012

On period, not weighing myself.

Might be moving to New Jersey.

Boy just came out here to check on me. (I sit outside with the big, scary half-pit bull dog named Duchess when I want to go online. She loves me and scares away people who try to bother me. ^_^)

Didn't hang out with "special food" dieting friend because the day we planned to have a sleepover was the day my period started and I was like... yeah not gonna happen.


June 26, 2012


Well I'm a fat fuck. And no, that is obviously not a picture of me. >_<

My mom messaged me back. She's actually pretty chill about me staying here. =)

Waiting for the boy to get back home. Blah. He's been gone since about 5:30am. Lame... -_-

And I have a sleepover tomorrow. With a fat girl trying to diet. She needs special "diet foods" that she had to order online in order to do so and supposedly she can lose 10lbs a week on this diet. I've seen her recently. She hasn't lost any weight.

I'll be good, though I'm sure she'll want to get pizza and chips and horrible things like that.


Love you!

June 25, 2012


Nothing to talk about really. I told my mom I'm not going back to Miami, the university I went to last year. That I'm staying here with my fiance, not with her. We'll see what she says. She's out of the country right now so I guess I'll have to wait a bit for a response.


June 24, 2012


I got down to 53.8 but I dunno what happened... I've been eating about 250-300cals a day, so I decided my metabolism needs a boost... I'll drink more coffee now. =) Black, of course.

Akira came from Kira (the guy in the Death Note), but then the fiance realized he had a sister named Kira, so we decided to name the puppy Akira. =)

Thought this was interesting...
Dunno what to say...

Apparently I have a new best friend here... we got drunk together and ended up making out after having some coffee since she has a thing against doing anything sexual with anyone who's drunk. She got jealous of my collar cause she said it's prettier than hers. XD (It is, no lie. Mine was custom-made, hers is just black leather and it doesn't have any elegance or anything so...blah.) She got me into Ted Dekker though! I'm reading The Bride Collector right now. Also trying to get through the Percy Jackson books... they're a very nice light read. =)

Should update with a better weight in a few days. =)

Love you all!

June 19, 2012


Dunno. I was 55.2kg yesterday, went crazy on coffee/unsweetened iced tea (caffeinated - fiance makes it himself and I watch him like crazy to make sure he doesn't add anything to the tea ^_^ so delicious!), freaked out because the fiance got home after fixing both of his grandmas' netbooks and said because I didn't eat the day before, I'd have to eat that night. Thankfully what he made was pretty good. This very subtle/sweet-ish onion sauce thing (not creamy) over a little bit of pasta (for me, he had a lot more because he knows I don't like big amounts of food) and I binged on about 7 gummy worms. Damnit. But then I woke up today and didn't have a bm (tmi I'm sorry!) and stepped on my scale and it was 54.0! YAY!

Feeling quite optimistic =) and my puppies are adorable! I'll post pictures of them asap. =) Their names are Akira and Z. =) I love them.

Thank you for the lovely comments by the way.

<3 I love you all!

June 04, 2012


Damnit damnit damnit. I can't read your blogs for the moment because my computer broke (well, the charger got chewed by puppies) but I will get back to that asap. On the fiance's computer at the moment (using the incognito mode on Google Chrome) to say that I'm finally losing weight, however little. I plan to keep this going obviously.

Btw - note about my weight. While it would be ideal, I don't actually weigh myself naked since I'm always wearing my collar, which is leather with metal on it. Probably adds weight but my logic on that is that since I always wear it, it makes sense that I wear it while weighing myself. What do you guys think?

Ugh can't post a picture because he can see the screen from where he's sitting and it's a fucking desktop. He's probably wondering why I'm on Blogger. Haha.

Love you guys.

Thanks for the comment by the way! It made me laugh. =)