June 24, 2012


I got down to 53.8 but I dunno what happened... I've been eating about 250-300cals a day, so I decided my metabolism needs a boost... I'll drink more coffee now. =) Black, of course.

Akira came from Kira (the guy in the Death Note), but then the fiance realized he had a sister named Kira, so we decided to name the puppy Akira. =)

Thought this was interesting...
Dunno what to say...

Apparently I have a new best friend here... we got drunk together and ended up making out after having some coffee since she has a thing against doing anything sexual with anyone who's drunk. She got jealous of my collar cause she said it's prettier than hers. XD (It is, no lie. Mine was custom-made, hers is just black leather and it doesn't have any elegance or anything so...blah.) She got me into Ted Dekker though! I'm reading The Bride Collector right now. Also trying to get through the Percy Jackson books... they're a very nice light read. =)

Should update with a better weight in a few days. =)

Love you all!

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  1. I thought maybe it was a variation from Death Note. Win for me. Lol.

    I'm so glad that you seem to be having a goo time. =D Keep being happy!


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