June 19, 2012


Dunno. I was 55.2kg yesterday, went crazy on coffee/unsweetened iced tea (caffeinated - fiance makes it himself and I watch him like crazy to make sure he doesn't add anything to the tea ^_^ so delicious!), freaked out because the fiance got home after fixing both of his grandmas' netbooks and said because I didn't eat the day before, I'd have to eat that night. Thankfully what he made was pretty good. This very subtle/sweet-ish onion sauce thing (not creamy) over a little bit of pasta (for me, he had a lot more because he knows I don't like big amounts of food) and I binged on about 7 gummy worms. Damnit. But then I woke up today and didn't have a bm (tmi I'm sorry!) and stepped on my scale and it was 54.0! YAY!

Feeling quite optimistic =) and my puppies are adorable! I'll post pictures of them asap. =) Their names are Akira and Z. =) I love them.

Thank you for the lovely comments by the way.

<3 I love you all!

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  1. Akira... Akira... That sounds so familiar. Is it from an Anime?


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