June 04, 2012


Damnit damnit damnit. I can't read your blogs for the moment because my computer broke (well, the charger got chewed by puppies) but I will get back to that asap. On the fiance's computer at the moment (using the incognito mode on Google Chrome) to say that I'm finally losing weight, however little. I plan to keep this going obviously.

Btw - note about my weight. While it would be ideal, I don't actually weigh myself naked since I'm always wearing my collar, which is leather with metal on it. Probably adds weight but my logic on that is that since I always wear it, it makes sense that I wear it while weighing myself. What do you guys think?

Ugh can't post a picture because he can see the screen from where he's sitting and it's a fucking desktop. He's probably wondering why I'm on Blogger. Haha.

Love you guys.

Thanks for the comment by the way! It made me laugh. =)


  1. I agree with a comment a couple of posts back, that said she can't wait to see you really, genuinely happy. That's important. YOU are important. It's great to live in a trailer with your fiance if that's what you truly want (I'm not really one to talk about not getting married young...), but don't give up on yourself just yet. You're young - be joyful, be fearless, be triumphant. Even in small ways (if you get there through your ED, sure, I guess that works).

    Just know that there are always people who care about you. Please don't get eaten by a bear. Much love, and good luck,

  2. Everything that ^ she said. =D
    Especially the bear part... please avoid bears. Or mountain lions, where I live, there's mountain lions instead of bears... so either one.
    Stay safe, lovely.

    ps, it does make sense, weighing with the collar. In it's own way. <3


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