June 29, 2012

On period, not weighing myself.

Might be moving to New Jersey.

Boy just came out here to check on me. (I sit outside with the big, scary half-pit bull dog named Duchess when I want to go online. She loves me and scares away people who try to bother me. ^_^)

Didn't hang out with "special food" dieting friend because the day we planned to have a sleepover was the day my period started and I was like... yeah not gonna happen.



  1. Love that quote from Marylin.
    She is so beautiful and I love that she portrayed a ditsy, blonde image but she was one clever lady.
    She wears her curves well.

    Much love x

  2. Yeah, Marilyn is right.
    But for me it's hard accepting me like I'am.


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