June 26, 2012


Well I'm a fat fuck. And no, that is obviously not a picture of me. >_<

My mom messaged me back. She's actually pretty chill about me staying here. =)

Waiting for the boy to get back home. Blah. He's been gone since about 5:30am. Lame... -_-

And I have a sleepover tomorrow. With a fat girl trying to diet. She needs special "diet foods" that she had to order online in order to do so and supposedly she can lose 10lbs a week on this diet. I've seen her recently. She hasn't lost any weight.

I'll be good, though I'm sure she'll want to get pizza and chips and horrible things like that.


Love you!

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  1. Oh God one of those. I know a few people who needed the "special" diet foods they had to go pay for. It's hard not to roll your eyes when they talk about it. Well, I don't think you're fat, good luck hanging out with your friend. Try to have fun. =)


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