May 31, 2012


This really loud, annoying girl came over yesterday.

One thing you have to understand about where I'm living. The place I'm living in is owned by Grandma. Not my grandma, but his...adopted-ish grandma. No one pisses her off. No one. She's crazy. She's also a wonderful friend and person, so staying on her good side is a really good idea.

I need to pee. So I'm going to weigh myself. Before I pee/shit. Yeah tmi sorry. Title is this weight.

Oh right. The annoying girl. Grandma doesn't want her on her property. Annoying girl is fat, has 2 kids (by 2 different guys, by choice), is 19, kicks puppies (literally), and yells at her baby (the one she has. The other one she isn't allowed to see anymore because of how abusive she was) calling her a fat fuck. She also likes to discuss sex. Loudly.

I was quite thankful for her presence though. And for my wisdom teeth coming in. Both are wonderful reasons to not eat, since Lover knows I get really anxious around people.

Anyway. Weighing time.

Oh God Oh God Oh God.

I'm terrified. Time to do this. With Lover sitting across the room from me playing Plants vs. Zombies. Adorable game btw.

Maybe I'll pee first?

I'm a fat fuck.

I need to pee.


I'm sorry about this post.


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  1. You're not a fat fuck. -hugs-
    ...also wow... That woman sounds like some kinda CRAZY bitch. wtf, what kind of person is that?! I wouldn't want her on my property either. x.x Karma will get her in the end I'm sure, maybe a bus will come along and kick her. ;D


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