May 12, 2012

Insomnia (warning: potential trigger post)

I can't sleep because some idiot won't shut up. It's...godfuckingknowswhattime. Oh. Right. 4:11am.

This is going to be really disjointed because the idiot keeps interrupting my train of thought.

Today I had sex for the first time since...well, since *it* happened. Nope. No details. I believe I spent a whole post bitching about it a few months ago, so if you would like to go look for that, be my guest.

Today is also the first time in weeks that I've cut. Dunno if that's related. It's not the first time I've wanted to cut. There have been plenty of those. But this is the first time I gave in. Fuck.

On the positive side, there's a cute puppy sleeping in my lap =) She's my baby Akira and I love her.

I went to a show with my fiance tonight. Some wrestling thing he was part of. I was easily the thinnest girl there. That's how fat the girls there were. Gross.

Hey the loud guy just got quiet... good! Maybe I can sleep now...

Though sleep involves going and cuddling close to my fiance. For some reason this is completely unappealing at the moment. Probably cause of my arm. Ugh.

Hm I've been told to go to sleep. By a friend. But I'm a whore who does whatever she's told to do.

By the way. Scale's broken. The boys (fiance and friend) somehow fixed (?) it the other day and I got on and it said 125.0, fully clothed with wet hair. I'm fat as fuck.

I'm sorry for failing you. Goodnight. <3

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