May 06, 2012


I'm alive. Sorry for not updating. Umm... with my fiance in Georgia. We're uh.. living in a trailer... it's strange. I think I like this. Everything is so much more relaxed here. I'm still a bit fucked about food, perhaps more so, and I still love caffeine like crazy.


Thank you for your comment, Fixi. It's very flattering =)

Brought my scale. I'll weigh myself asap.

Obviously the fiance is watching my diet =( sigh.

Oh my God... Rockstar makes a total zero version! 0cals, 0carbs, blah blah blah. It's DELICIOUS. WAY better than sugarfree!



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  1. I'm very curious as to how you got there! Hopefully, there's some explanation in the newer posts. Sorry for ignoring you so much, we've had madness (both good and bad, and then good and bad again, and finally, just a string of bad) lately.

    Much love, and good luck,


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