April 13, 2011

Aww I love you guys

No idea what the fuck my weight is, I'm sorry. But you girls are amazing ^_^ Thank you so much for the lovely comments <3

Skittles...yeah I didn't even think of that >.< I mean, I'm about as pure Russian as you can get, but I was still technically born in Asia XD (barely...right across the border haha)

Jenn - they don't have it for the Kindle T_T But maybe they will soon =D I've saved it just in case!

Recently I've been reading the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. The books are really funny! ^_^ There was one scene in the 3rd book where the main character (a wizard who wears a long, black leather coat) and his friend (who was wearing a big white cape and carrying an enormous sword) burst into a hospital and demand where the nursery is. It really cracked me up ^_^

Guess I'm just saying hi right now...I promise I'll be better about blogging and I'll post my weight next time <3

Starve on, my dears


  1. woah neat! i don't know what pure russian means, but i'm not very schooled on that pert of the world. anyway cool!! that's interesting.

  2. You're Russian? That's really cool. My best friend is Russian, and my parents know the language. This may sound strange, but when I was younger, they taught me this children's story about an elephant ordering "five or six kilos" of chocolate. Do you know it?

    I also wanted to respond to the comment you wrote to me just a few minutes ago. I am NOT giving up. As long as you're on my side, why would I want to?



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