November 13, 2012


After drinking a pot of coffee.
Speaking of coffee. This one blog I read... this girl posts her daily intake. She usually has half a cup of coffee a day. She puts it down as 32cals. How is this possible??? Or is coffee just way higher in calories than I thought?


Intake for today: (uncertainty is overestimated to be safe)
Pot of coffee - 50cals
Piece of gum - 5cals
4 Oreos - 280cals
Total so far: 335cals

Hopefully no more food today. =D Though maybe some peppermint tea... yum!

Oh and my fat self... This is what happens if you eat Oreos, so don't be like me. XD

And some thinspo... yay?


  1. I'm guessing that the other half of the coffee was cream. :P

  2. Coffee black has zero calories. Coffee only has calories if you add stuff to it.

  3. I think black coffee (one teaspoon of granules) has 2 calories. Maybe they are drinking it with milk/cream/sugar? I'm not sure, it's probably not black whatever they're adding.
    Your legs are great, better than mine.
    I hope you're okay, take care.


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