January 24, 2013

Shit. My rental agency decided to pms like no other and say that we have to get rid of our dog. Thankfully, they are doing this completely against the rules in the lease and shit, so I'm gonna lawyer them. =D This lawyering will be very easy since my school has a legal service for students where if you have any legal problems, you can just go to the school's lawyers and be all  fix this nao! and they will. I've heard that they're actually quite good at what they do so... yeah that rental agency better not mess with my dog again. >_<

Oh and I'm getting fatter. I think. Pretty sure. Yeah.

Ugh I hate this.

Oh and proof of how fat I am. I'll let you all see my shame. Maybe if I'm embarrassed enough, I'll lose weight.

My size 2's (AE, so vanity sizing...) fit kinda tightly. Ugh... =(

Some thinspo as an apology?

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  1. That sucks. I had a landlord do the same thing. When we moved in she said we could have pets but then she changed it on us. Luckily we can keep our pets because dad talked to her but I don't like her. She comes in without knocking and just shows up out of nowhere. No call before she drives to our place. Ugh.


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