January 29, 2013

So today initially sucked, but... it's def getting better!

Yeah I'm feeling in a dumb mood so I'm going to use abbreviations and talk like a junior high school kid. Sigh.

So I walk into my first class of the day and the previous class's (meaning the last class that was using this room) powerpoint was still up. The title of the slide? "Ejaculation"

Dear God.

Oh and my little problem... the one I need medication for? Yeah I'm feeling a lot better. =D

Have to skip my political philosophy class to take my little baby to the vet today... =3 She getting vaccinated, poor girl.

Hmm no news.

I'm at a horrible fat (55.4). Ugh.

I'm sorry.

But then, I always have to weigh myself after drinking a glass of water (pill needs to be taken with water, food is purely optional though).... sigh.

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