January 07, 2013


This morning. After two big glasses of water. I'll take this as a good sign. =)

Classes started today. I only had two. Er...yeah I won't rant about them because I already did that enough in my last post.

I was home by noon. =D

Oh and my dad got me a new xbox360. So we're selling our old one. Yay!

And the boy, trying to be sweet, got me one of those giant-ass kitkats. T_T

It's just sitting in my laptop case right now. I don't know what to do with it. T_T Save it for later and eat it as my one meal a day? I dunno.

I've only consumed like 300-400cals total the past few days. And a bit of water. Woot...



I want everything to be all sparkly and new and pretty.

I think it will be. =)

I'm feeling quite optimistic today!

Oh and Merry Christmas!

Today is the Russian Christmas. ^_^

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