April 02, 2012



Probably water weight considering I didn't eat yesterday but still. Fuck.

5pm ish right now. Okay, 5:20 actually. Haven't eaten all day and really don't want to. The idea of eating is kinda making me nervous.

Who is this mysterious Fixi who commented my blog...? o_O You don't seem like the usual audience for a blog like this, but your comments are still appreciated. =)

Er...I feel like I should have something to talk about but I really don't. Going all disconnected still. Haha. The world's not really real. It's okay though. I like it this way. =)

Forgot to mention. I've been drinking those Starbucks light frappes recently. Except I can't actually drink a whole bottle even though it's 100cals. So I end up having about 1/3 of a bottle a day and feeling like a wasteful bitch.

Haha. Oh well. Vitamin water zero ftw?

Btw can I be her?


Okay... T_T

Lacuna Coil? <3

See if you can spot the girl in the picture... XD

Loved one album they did... then they stopped singing in Latin and I was like, well shit... T_T

Saw this on PostSecret <3 Loved it!

I'm in a really black/white/rainbows mood. Did that make sense? Haha probably not.

Being fat sucks...

Oh well I'll be thin. <3 Promise!

I love you.

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  1. Haha sorry, I know my comments weren't ED-related so I suppose it *would* seem as though I'm an oddball visiting. I read a lot of ED blogs because, while I don't wish this lifestyle on anyone, it's nice to know that other people know what I go through on a daily basis. I happened upon yours and read through it from the start and, while I don't get to check blogs every day, I do keep up with them. Catching up on yours today :) Hope you're having a beautiful day ^.^


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