April 18, 2012


Reading it makes me want to stop throwing up all the time...weird... o_O or maybe not?

Ugh I'm sick T_T it sucks

And no, I decided there's actually a high (enough) chance that I'll come back to MU that I don't want to cancel this stuff.

I feel like all I do is post pictures. I haven't weighed myself in ages and I've been bingeing like a fiend. Throwing up? Yes, but not enough. 126.2 today. After drinking a bottle of vitamin water zero. What the fuck. I was expecting 130 something. I guess that's good? I dunno. I hate being fat.

....Looking at this post makes me realize I should start another blog for pictures... haha. I think I'll do that. =)

Ooo yay something to do! -_-

La dee da.

Hey. =)

Bulletproof Messenger and Kamelot are awesome bands. =)

Sorry for not commenting recently... I'll be way better about that! I promise! <3

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