April 12, 2012

Picture post

Why? Because I can. Organization -

Random cool/funny stuff I found.


Amusing (potentially triggering in an ED related way, not meant to be though) link

And so, we commence.

Amount of sugar per drink. Holy shit... T_T (Water = 0)
Notice their shoes =) Possible trigger, I apologize, I was just happy that things like this exist...
Nintendo Collection, for my nerdier readers <3
Commence: Thinspo

And the link...

Just Say No To Bread

Sorry for not posting really. I have two (minimum of) 10 page papers to write. I have 1 page done. Out of twenty. Fuck my life.

I know, it's my fault. They're due at the end of the semester and one of them my teacher just started mentioning last week and the other one the teacher is like "uh yeah you'll have this paper due eventually... I'll tell you more about it later..." yeah that's helpful. -_-


I love you. <3 Yes. You. Right there. The one sitting there reading this crap and putting up with it. YOU. No not the person next to you. YOU DAMNIT. I LOVE YOU.


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  1. I love you, too, Vampire.

    Good luck with the papers!! Schoolwork sucks, I get it. BTW, were you able to successfully cancel your FAFSA?



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