April 01, 2013

Royal Assassin

Such a wonderful book series. The Farseer trilogy. Very nice light reading. ^_^

I've decided I'm not going to eat until I weigh less than I did before the previous time I ate. Um not sure that makes sense...

Okay, say I weigh myself and I'm like 67.5kg. (I'm not anywhere near this number, but let's just pretend?) Then I eat a banana. If I want to eat again, I can't be more than 67.4kg. This way, no matter what, my weight HAS to go down. And if it's not, I'll just starve myself until it is!

I know it's unhealthy and illogical and stupid, but it seems like such a perfect, fool-proof idea.

Also, ahaha... my friends burned a Twilight book! XD Life is so fun with pyromaniac friends. They said they were saving the world. XD Yay for parks where we can burn stuff legally...

I'm in a really good mood for some reason. No idea why.

The boyfriend said he's going to stop being as needy and shit, so we'll see. If this doesn't work, I'm DEFINITELY breaking up with him. This is honestly getting ridiculous and I feel like a little 15 year old girl or something because of how immature I am about it. Argh.


I like pictures. Do you like pictures? I really like pictures.

And gifs.

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  1. I know it makes sense, but remember that it's food weight and will go away after you go to the bathroom. But anyway, burning stuff is fun. I used to go to my friends' bonfire parties (there hasn't been any recently) where if someone went through a bad break up, they'd burn their stuff...it was mean, until my least favorite teacher retired so I burned everything but my textbook I was required to have for class.

    Oh, and you don't sound immature. Just keep a good watch on him and make sure he really IS working at not being a prick.


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