March 29, 2013


Ah God... I LOVE John Grisham! And it's awesome, because there's a coffee shop a few blocks from my apartment (we live RIGHT by downtown, but far away enough that we don't have to deal with the drunk bar kids) that's also a (fairly large) used book store. And they have a TON of John Grisham stuff. I'm like YAY!!! And they have a bunch of low/0-cal flavorings that they can put in tea/coffee/hot chocolate... it's such a nice place. ^_^



I was going to say things. But then I forgot.


The boyfriend and I got into another fight again. Yesterday. He was playing a video game and I was getting ready for class (my first class yesterday was at 1pm) and he suddenly just started getting really mad at me because apparently I was bothering him or something? I'm not even sure. He was ticked off that I was going to school and that my mom was making him take his GED (he's 21... dear God, he should have done that fucking AGES ago, and my mom is PAYING for it, so why is he complaining?) and that I never played video games with him anymore and all this shit. He ended up upsetting me so much that I missed my first class (because I was crying too much and there was no way I was going to class in tears) and probably completely fucked up on my political philosophy exam. Ugh.

I just wish I was more important than his video games SOMETIMES, you know? But then I feel greedy and bitchy for saying that.

I think I really need a friend who will just slap me and be like break up with him NOW. I'm scared to break up with him. I want to and I know it would be a good thing, but still. I don't know. I guess it's nice to not live alone? I'm still scared of the dark, so... >_<

Happy picture time?

Oooo off topic, but today I found out that my TA for philosophy (not political philosophy. I'm taking two philosophy courses - the other one is ethics) is a vegetarian! It made me happy because I felt so alone in the lecture hall this past week when we were discussing animal rights, it seemed like everyone else in the class thought animals should have no rights at all. It's nice to know that I'm not alone. ^_^ I just don't understand people who eat meat... I mean, they're cute animals, and factory farming is so horrible...eating fish is one thing (I think it's gross, but I haven't heard of fish abuse so... I'm guessing they're not abused?), but pigs and cows and stuff? I mean, pigs are really smart! Sigh. Anyway. Seriously. I'm done writing for now. Haha. Sorry for the rants. =/


  1. Urf, my ex was the same. Played too many video games, had no education, no career path. He was 22, it's pathetic.
    I'm glad you have such a wonderful bookstore close by. It must be nice to go sit and read, buy some books, and have a warm drink. Sounds like heaven, actually! xx

  2. Woooo...vegetarians FTW! Though, I'm kind of recently on the wagon again (like the past month) since my mom made me eat meat after three years of going without. I forgot how much people feel the need to lecture and be like "animals are food, they need to be eaten otherwise we would die and blahblahblah." and "you only eat lettuce and aren't getting the proper nutrients. I'm not against meat eating, it's their choice, but respect mine too!


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