March 12, 2013

Needles O_O

Ugh yeah I looked up the diet pills. Apparently they don't actually do anything. Woot. XD

I got 100-cal single serving containers of soy yogurt. Yay! And a 2lb bag of carrots. I think I'm set for the next week/week and a half. Also, I have to fast for a few days of it because when I went to see the specialist yesterday, he wants me to get an IVP and an xray or ultrasound. Basically, a lot of scanning.



  1. Yeah, most diet pills don't really do anything, they're just expensive caffiene pills mostly. You're best to save the money for something more useful.
    Good luck with the tests, hope you're okay!

  2. Diet pills suck anyway. My friend was on a kind and she basically...erm...shat herself (past tense of shit). I forget what kind they were though, just knew they were diet pills.

    Plus, you know...they clog your arteries and lead to heart attacks and stuff.


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