March 04, 2013


Frodette. Dude. <3 You're awesome. Just wanna say that. ^_^

Hm.. nothing interesting to mention. We're getting internet turned on at our place on Thursday. YAY! XD

It's spring break. Just one week. Yay. Boy's going to be gone at work most of the time during the week, so... yes, yay!

Also, I took my bike to the bike shop a few blocks from our place on Friday. It needs like, a lot of little repairs and one big one (chain needs to be replaced/seriously fixed). I just stopped by and the dude said it'd be ready by 3pm today. (He gave me an ETA of late on Monday (aka today) when I dropped it off, so it's fine). I can't wait. I miss my bike so much. T_T The guy remembered I was that one Russian chick. XD Apparently he thought I was born in the States because I don't have a Russian accent at all.

La la la I dunno what to say.

I have to go to a urologist on Monday (in a week) so they can figure out what's wrong with me.

Also, I have to go to the pharmacy (on my bike YAY BIKE!) tomorrow to pick up my birth control pills for the next month. I'm supposed to be on my period today but I'm not? Hoping I'm not pregnant... I heard they don't actually protect from pregnancy in the first month. =/ Maybe it'll just take my body a day or two to be like OH I CAN BLEED NOW??

Kinda spazzy right now. =/ Haha sorry.

Ugh I know this is boring.

Hm... can I ask for some more advice? I know I talk about this too much but...

Okay. So the boy is registered to take the GED. His last day of testing is in like the second week of... April? (Whatever month follows March...). He also has to pay my mom back $120, because she paid for his GED (you have to pay when you register) and said that it was just a loan.

Also, we just got internet turned on (I know, I already mentioned this) and it's like $30/month. Which I'm okay with. I was just hoping he'd be there to figure out any problems with it/set it up the first month, since I'm not that great with computers and stuff. Also... he is kinda paying for it, and it'd be kinda a dick move to be like HEY YOU SET MY INTERNET UP, THANKS NOW GET OUT.

You know?

Also, I don't want my mom not getting paid back for the GED thing, but I don't want him to pay her back and then get kicked out before he can take it. I don't think he has anywhere to go here since he's from NJ/Georgia and he doesn't have anyone here. Well, he has like, one friend who he's known for less than a month (or about a month, maybe a month and a half), so he might be able to stay there temporarily since he does have a part-time job like, a block from where they live. (10 minutes from where we live, so it's not too bad)

But I'm going crazy and I really want to be on my own.

Advice? Please?

I'm sorry if that was really confusing... I just don't really have anyone else to talk to. I'm sure most of you can understand that. =/

Peace offering?

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  1. Well first off: NOT awesome, lol. I'm actually very noobish at Magic. I'm better at Pokemon..but I suppose practice makes perfect.

    Second: Hopefully your medical issues will all carry out.

    And third: Yeah, it might be a dick move. Perhaps tell him he has until the end of the month to get his shit together or move out? But once more, it's all on YOUR happiness overall. You can get a roommate in the worst case scenerio.


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